This pastr week I was on spring break & had the chance to run calls with my volunteer fire station. We had several calls on one day. The first was a structure fire at 0500 in the morning. It was a perfect scene when it came to interstaion cooperation and communication. The problem was the county sheriffs deputies passing several engines on their way to the scene and running a few responders in their POVs off the road. Later that day around 10 pm we had a drunk hit a power pole. We were toned out and when I arrived on scene a deputy almost hit my vehicle & he had run a fellow responder off the narrow road. Then the deputy jumped through live wires & pulled the victim out of the vehicle. Do any of yall have this kind of problem with the law enforcement officers in your areas? Are they cooperative or are they like the ones in mine?

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We did for a week or so then the chief talked to the police chief and worked somthing out.
The department I volunteered for in GA was a "Department of Public Safety" so the Cops were the Firefighters and the Firefighters were the Cops. The system worked very well for a small town, the officers on Road Patrol carried their turn-outs in the trunk of their squad cars, and repsonded directly to the scene, while the two officers on Firefighter duty repsonded with the apparatus from the Station. First unit on scene either established IC, or passed it to the second arrival if they were busy on scene. The Road Patrol officers would turn their guns into the Engine Operator who secured them until after the fire was cleared.

If it was a working fire, then we conducted a recall and the jail guards - minus one on duty - (also certified FFs), and off-duty personnel, respond to the fire scene. We also had mutual aid with the neighboring county and our own county FD.
It's not cops, it's individuals. I have no problem with our brothers in blue. Securing the scene for us is something I appreciate. One knife pulled on me is enough. Okay I know it's old but it's still funny. "What do cops and firefighters have in common? They both wanted to be firemen when they were growing up." Stay safe
I have to speak specifically to people responding in POVs. This is the most hazardous, controllable option we choose. I do not believe POVs should ever be in a "response" mode, but rather they should drive to the station as any other vehicle on the road. POVs are not marked as fire trucks are. Citizens have a hard enough time paying enough attention to the big fire trucks with all the markings on them. My $.02...

they don't call them blue canarys for nothin
In my town we work as one. many a time have i drove by a cop responding to the station with blue lights on through a red light(after stopping to make sure all other cars are going to allow me to go) and they dont pull us over. we usually have a cop at our station for all our open houses and festivals and for the most part we have a good relationship.
And where are you from Sandy113???
evesham, new jersey
Police vs firefighters. This isn't always the case. I am fortunate to work alongside a few great PD's that cover our fire district. The 2 local departments are awesome with communications and are always willing to work alongside us to get what needs to be done accomplished. The RI State Police is perhaps the most professional department I have ever seen. While they look into public interest across the horizon, they also will never compromise the life safety of the responders and victims of MVA's. Our chief has brought the police departments and our fire department closer by offering them access to our fitness facility, and also inviting them to our banquet.
Police officers are human beings. They are sworn to be there to assist the public as well as we are. Although there will always be bad apples amongst the PD's in America, I can definately say there are also plenty of bad apples amongst our own ranks.
Our officers seldom run code to anything and want nothing to do with one of our scenes, in fact we often cannot get an officer on a scene even when we really need one!

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