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It may be an issue where you reside and across some parts of the world, but is not the general rule everywhere. The way to stop it is simple. If they don't attend a certain ammount of training (SCBA is a must have) they don't get to do anything inside the building. Once they understand they become a support person on scene and they can't participate, they will attend.
Perhaps I am blessed by having a great training officer, and great leadership in my department. People willingly attend training and look forward to being together to train on Tuesdays. Perhaps a change in your modus operadi will help.
Definietly agree with the others- set a mandatory amount of training. MAke it harder. The crap about "I'm a volunteer" is such rubbish! Vol or career, the training standard and skill levels should be the same.

And to David- I'd suggest your dept needs to change it's idea of drills. Washing the truck is not a drill!
i love training it really makes my week better when i do train
Yes i would tend to agree with that one! For instance we had a fully invloved house fire last friday & the deparment i just left 7 months back was first one secene @ 4:30A THEY PULLED THE BUSTER LINE OFF AND STARTED TO FIGHT THE FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When i got word of this I wasnt very happy about it because none of them hit a pulg & I was one of the few in the deparment that wanted to get everyone to train....BUT knowone showed up!
And now look at them they don't know how to use their equipment what a shame!
But I will say there are still a few guys left that want to do the right thing but are just out numbered! But thats a whole another story
Dave we need at least one drill a month, so you cant get them done in 4 months. I do agree with everything else you said though.
Sometimes I feel like I'm making more training than calls. In January and February I did 50 some hours of training. Have a class to attend next week. Will do fire school in the fall ... and those are actual classes with a certificate ... that is not including my dept's in house training. I'm half way through that new bazillion hour Delmar essentials program, module 1 n 2 down ... 3 n 4 to go. Ugh!
In my company we have included training in our bylaws as follows;1. Active members are required to attend the Firematic/Emergency Medical and business activities of the Company. A member must attend a minimum of twenty four (24) drills per calendar year with a minimum of six (6) drills per quarter.
Training is a very important part of what all Firefighters do! If you are not continually training then you really should not be in the business we are in.
It wouldn't hurt my feelings at all if we trained everyday, because I think of it as, you can never have enough training. As soon as you think that you have learned it all, they change it or something and you have to go back and refresh. But I got into this line of work because I wanted to make a difference and taken training classes is what is gonna help me do that and ensure that I increase the odds of coming home to my wife and daughter again. So it wouldn't hurt me a bit if we were required to train more often.
I like the 6 drills per quarter- it's very specific and easy to understand...
Definently not asking to much considering the price of not training. We actually offer at least 3 drills per month which allows a member to choose which ones they attend. There are several which are required and make up sessions are offered on the required drills (ladders, SCBA, Right to Know, Bloodborne Pathogens, etc). By placing the requirment in our bylaws rather than my SOG's/SOP's I have actually seen a increase in attendance.
Problem? YES!!! we ALL (police,fire,ems) need to be on the same page, and yes i do see the problem with lack of dedication to the job. i hate the "wackers" who are only on the department for the glory. I think if you cant help out on the station inspections and such then dont waist my time on the scene!

HOWEVER...i do see how it is VERY difficult to have a training class for a vol. department because we all have full time jobs and obligations outside of serving. for instance i work nights, and my chief works days, so when do we set up a training for both of us?
so what should we little "po-dunk" towns do? we have 12 volunteers and we all work different full time shifts?

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