My question to any and all of you is this, between these three helmets,which would be the best helmet. I have gone to the sites of the makers of these helmets and have been confused as to which one of these is going to be the best between them all.
Which is going to stand up to structural rigors, the temps faced in structural fires,whats going to be comfortable to wear for hours......

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The New Yorker and Sam Houston have the same outer shell. The difference is the New Yorker is only OSHA rated and the Sam Houston is both OSHA and NFPA rated. The Conway is also NFPA rated. I have worn a Sam Houston for about 12 years now. Take a beating and keeps going.
I have been wearing a newyorker for 15 yrs, i have tried all of three of these and they are all nice, it was more of a tradition thing for me. The sam houston didnt come with flip downs and the paul conways werent even out when i bought mine, they do make great helmet fronts also. All three are heavy and might take some getting used too, but i wouldnt wear anything else by choice. Mine has held up great, it shows some seasoning but nothing but beauty marks as far as i can tell. In fact it had been back to the factory once, 8 years ago for a paint job and they gave it a clean bill of health. I dont think you will be disappointed with which ever you choose, but if you cant tell im a huge fan of "the cow". good luck and stay safe.
The Paul Conway is worn by our Chief and now our shift A Captain. They both really enjoy the feel and look of the leather. If I ever have the chance to get a Paul Conway in my career I would jump on it. Also, our Chief's helmet started out white but is now black. He has had it in many fires and it still holds up like new...
The choice is yours, I hope this helps...
Call me. I know a blownut who might be interested.
Im wearing the N6a Houston..Its virtually the same helmet at the N5a, except for the impact cap inside the helmet. I ordered the helmet and it seemed the size runs smaller.

I love my leather

Id removed the ratched band assembly, its alot more comfortable.
i have the paul conway very nice and comfy although it can be a pain in the ass sometimes trying to get the center of gravity pad to sit just right because of how its made to shift on the material bands i love it over all others i have worn i dont lke the new yorker its way to tall for me and the same houston is also good but you have to get the right one or you will end up with the same style as the new yorker
Thank all of you for your personal advice, it seems to me that the Sam Houston has some kind of advantage whether it be tradition, wear and tear, or long hours of wearing one. I value all of what you have given me and I want to thank you each and everyone! While I have not made up my mind just yet, please, keep the comments coming.
I have a n5a new yorker and i love it i wouldnt wear any other helmet.
New Yorker and Sam Houston are both great helmets with a long history of use in the fire sevice. Made by Cairns, stay with Cairns. They have been doing it right for a long time. I use the New Yorker and have done so for thirty years and I am totally attached to my leather. I have tried the Sam Houston and also like it, but I'll stay with my New Yorker. Either one you chose, I'am sure you will totally like it.
a houston costs a 400
ok i have sevall leather helmuts the new yorker is a lighter hulmet that stands up to every thing you can throw at it, the houston which i own 2 of are a little heavier, and just a strong. if it is tradition that you want then you stay with cairns and it would be a houston or new yorker, nothing wrong with the other brand just never wore one and am a person deep rooted in to tradion with cairns. i take pride in wearing a lether and so should you so i would buy a houston or new yorker . good luck to you

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