I was reading and commented on a post about a person who carried all kinds of crap on his helmet and it got me thinking .... What tools do people carry in their bunker or turnout coat pockets ?

I carry in my right bunker pant pocket .. a utility knife, 2 wooden wedges, 4 small plastic wedges (great for plugging sprinkler heads) a pair of klein cable cutters, my right glove

In my left pocket I carry a 6' piece and a 15' of webbing, 2 more wooden wedges, my left glove

My right pocket a pair of pliers, straight screw driver, shove knife, seat belt cutter

My left pocket a phillips screw driver, pair of trauma shears.

I also carry a flashlight with shoulder strap and a straight edge dive knife wire tied to the shoulder strap that rests in the middle of my chest.

Stay Safe ..Make it Safe

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OK here goes....LOL I have a hose strap, a gerber hinderer knife, a multi tool, and a tool that channel lock just came out with...their 6:1 rescue tool...it has heavy duty pliers, cutters, gas wrench, pry bar,glass breaker, and spanner wrench on it...and 30 feet of life rated webbing with a carabiner..I have 2 flashlights...one in my coat pocket and one on my helmet....Gloves and hood are in my left pants pocket....By the way if anyone is interested in the Channel lock tool....Our local Lowes got them for us at $40.00 each....if you go through Channel Lock they are like $68.00...Stay safe.......Paul
Right pants - Sears Craftsman leather tool pouch (so it can be pulled out as one unit) holding a cable cutters, channel locks, mini-flashlight, two screwdrivers, shove knife, O2 wrench, S&W First response knife, folding Gerber knife, and a mini-pry bar. Also keep a full-sized (non-folding) spanner in that pocket.

Left pants - 25 foot rope in a bag, 6' rope with carabiner on one end, 12' loop of webbing with a carabiner on it and a pair of work gloves (Nothing over two stories in our district.)

Coat right - two wedges, spare exam gloves.

Coat left - spare nomex hood.
Rt Cargo-All purpose cutters good for anything from #10 gauge wire on down(tested!!)
Lft Cargo-Spring-loaded center punch, wooden wedges(4-6)
Rt coat-spare flashlight
left coat-rescue webbing(30')
lol i must be new i got a pack of smokes, a lightet unless i have to leave it on the lawn and maybe my phone lol
After 9 years I have realized one thing. If I need it its on the truck. I dont want a million things in my gear. I carry a set of structural gloves and a set of rescue gloves. I have a window punch, seat belt cutter, 2 wedges, and a Garrity light on my helmet. I carry 15' of webbing and a few pairs of latex gloves.
Helmet - Seat belt cutter and a Garity

Inside coat - Extra pack of smokes and an extra hood

R Pants - 6' of rope, 2 carbiners, 15' webbing, hood, r glove

L pants - Wire cutters, multi-tool, spanner, utility knife, l glove, trauma shears

rear poket - small flashlight for backup (Garity)

Pouch on my suspenders - extra exam gloves

in my mask pouch - extra fire gloves, mask, mask wipes

small pouch in my helmet above the cradle is gause and 2x2's
i carry 1 wedge, a rescue tool, gurber tool, 4 gloves, 1 window punch, and a flashlight
i have my NOMAX hood I my left coat pocket,in my left pants pocketfold up spaner wrench ear plugs on akey ring on my coat gloves and a window punchseatbelt cutter combo roght pocket duct tape and a flashlightin my raido pocket
Well I carry my nomax in my helment around my helment I many wedges and one flashlight and my tags. In my left coat pocket I have my work gloves an mulit tool (winter time I have hand warmers.) In my right pocket I have 24" of rope and inside my coat I have my winter hat. Breast pocket i have another flashlight. Left side of bunker pants i have a set of firefighting gloves and a spaner wrench. Right side i have another set of gloves and more rope i have a flash light on my jacket and i knife on my bunker pants.... WOW i carry to much stuff
My right pocket is my Leatherman, right glove, trauma shears.
My left pocket, is my left glove, belt cutter, pliers and a bag of Lemon drops.
Stay safe, and God Bless.
Wow, all of you have such good ideas to follow by. I have the following:

Coat-Front and Pockets

Res-Q-Wrench multi tool
Small non-rechargable flashlight (Never know when your gonna need more light)
LED Flashlight
Trauma shears
2 Door wedges
2 15 foot sections of webbing, one turned into a hose strap
Department issued nomex hood
Personal nomex hood and my red Spiderman nomex hood
Streamlight Survivor
Gloves attached by glove strap

Bunker pants pockets

50ft RIT rope bag and caribiner
Extrication gloves
Exam gloves for EMS First Responses
Mechanix Gloves for work around the station

And growing. I am waiting on getting the rescue webbing I ordered and some more multi-purpose tools.

God Bless and Never Forget
Deb, are those NFPA approved lemon drops? Just kidding, stay safe!

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