I was reading and commented on a post about a person who carried all kinds of crap on his helmet and it got me thinking .... What tools do people carry in their bunker or turnout coat pockets ?

I carry in my right bunker pant pocket .. a utility knife, 2 wooden wedges, 4 small plastic wedges (great for plugging sprinkler heads) a pair of klein cable cutters, my right glove

In my left pocket I carry a 6' piece and a 15' of webbing, 2 more wooden wedges, my left glove

My right pocket a pair of pliers, straight screw driver, shove knife, seat belt cutter

My left pocket a phillips screw driver, pair of trauma shears.

I also carry a flashlight with shoulder strap and a straight edge dive knife wire tied to the shoulder strap that rests in the middle of my chest.

Stay Safe ..Make it Safe

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I have an advantage because I usually work with the same guys. We all carry the screwdriver, cutters, webbing and two lights. however, each of us carry an individual tool that weighs a little more and is like extra credit. I carry vice grips, another carries a small set of allens wrenches and screwdrivers and the third carries a longer piece of heavier duty rope for hoisting equipment. These aren't exactly lifesaving devices, but really come in handy.
flashlite and pack of smokes with lighter lol
Helmet rubber band with flahlight 1 mult purpose door wedge .COAT -Right Chest flashlight clipped and strapped to coat. rescue gloves clipped to zipper ,if dont need leave i apparatus. Left chest Radio .Right side hand pocket 15ft of webbing w/ beaner. Inside pocket stop watch. Left hand pocket beaner that I clip to SCBA strap. BUNKERS --left side 40ft of bailout attached to built in harness. Right side has a tool pouch built in, that holds collapsable spanners, linemans cutters, knife that has a O2 socket ,seat belt cutter, window punch built in.10ft piece of webbing ,FF gloves .
im my coat i cary my turn out gloves and regular heavy duty work gloves and my hood.

right pants pocket - seatbelt cutter/ window punch, LED flash light w/ S.O.S capability.

left pants pocket - serated blade knife, multi-purpose knife.
I think the KISS method comes into play here. A small blunt tip knife, webbing with "beener", decent helmet light and/or slingable, fine.

Depending on assignment for the day, ventilation, overhaul, RIC, rescue, I would consider a slingable rope bag.

I see alot of rescue ricky types with person Galls accounts wearing every tool for every what if imaginable.

Turnouts are heavy enough as it is, even heavier when wet. I don't need to load myself down anymore while I'm trying to pull ceilings.

Anyway, theres my two cents......Stay low.
safety glasses, rope,pocket knife,wedges,medical gloves,extra flashlight.

Not all in the same pocket lol
I carry my radio in my coat pocket and in my bunker pants i carry my gloves in the right pocket with two spanner wrenches and 10ft rope with carabiners on each end in my left pocket i have a seat belt cutter/window punch and a carbon hood and i have a flashlight mounted on my helmet and allso a few door wedges thats about it :)
My right pocket has two sections of webbing. One 12 ft one 25 ft. My left pocket has a Task Force Tips rescue wrench, a blunt tip serrated knife and a mini cats paw(pry bar). Good for pulling the trim on vehicles or popping the battery terminals.
apparently that other BOZO carries golf balls. Of course he's new so he knows everything there is to know and is Safe-Ish!
yea golf balls are a no go LOL
in my coat pocket, i carry a flashlight, breaking glass, pair of gloves, a snap , ribbon and....a X-Ray (lol)
Never heard that one, I was always told "Right for rescue, Left for life". And why only 3" of rope?

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