I'm sure this has already been discussed on a forum somewhere on this webiste but I was unable to locate it. If so I appoligise for beating the dead horse.


Let me start by explaining myself. I am 26 years old & well over 300 pounds of not much muscle. I have always been a larger guy, even in high school playing football under a coach who was also a Marine & lives to PT. My entire life I have been involved in public saftey such as Volunteer Firefighter, EMT, Ambulance Driver, Reserve Deputy Sheriff, Recovery Diver, etc. All these years my weight has never been much of a problem other than I was just a little slower than everyone else.


Latley I have noticed that it is taking a toal on my body in several different ways. Probably the most noticable is it has been the #1 contibuting factor to my failure of being a career firefighter. I have taken several department tests & even the one's I passed I was at or near the bottom of the list. I have tried several diets, spent months at the gym & track with no results.


I know a few who have done the P90X & had great results. What I want is info from the outside from firefighters who have done it & had success. Any & all info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Follow the South Beach diet, which means buy the paperback book, read it and learn how to shop, cook and eat differently than what you are doing now, but most importantly now bread or grain. They use grains to fatten up cattle, don't be a cow... or at least that's what I say to myself... I know Avery, it's just a lot of bull...
Take a good multivitamin, fish oil tablet 1000 mg, aspirin 81mg, glucosamine and drink a ton of water daily.
1/2 hour walking in the morning, 1/2 hour walking in the pm
no food past 1900 hours, yea right, plan you snacks,
eat less and remember to not dig your grave with your teeth...
and when you feel hunger pangs, that's your body losing weight...
I've now lost 30 pounds since November 2009... however, I found out about cardiac issues that gave me more incentive to loose the weight and change my lifestyle... don't wait for your own 'issue's' to surface, be proactive here, your life may depend on it.

Reality check... it's not what you know, it's how you look that counts. It sucks but it's true unfortunately. Loose the weight and the testing will change. Body image dictates soooo much.

Good luck,
I have used the p90x with moderate results. It is a very good workout but can be hard to follow without the correct weights. I used bands instead of dumb-bells witch can be challenging at times to get the correct movements. I have since been using the TRX suspension system. I have done what seems like every weight training program out there.

The TRX suspension system is the simplest and most effective workout system i have ever used. It works every muscle in your body and muscles you never knew you had. It works your core like you never thought possible. With the core being such a vital part to all movements used by firefighter I thought it would be worth a shot. You can make it as hard or as easy as you want just by readjusting your feet thus changing your body angle.

Im not saying that the p90x isnt good, because it is. It can just be challenging at times with the need for certain equipment. The TRX suspension system is just another option out there that really works. If you have limited space and time the TRX might be for you. You can learn more on youtube or at http://www.fitnessanywhere.com/
it can be a little pricey but i got it for alot cheaper on amazon.com
I have honestly thought about lapband or gastric bypass surgery. I have gained 125 lbs in just 5 1/2 years by driving a truck over the road. No I'm off the road, getting my EMT back (never should have given it up in the first place) and I'm trying to get back to where I needed to be in the first place. I'm just worried about the surgeries and really really don't want to go the surgical route if I can help it at all. Any help would be appreciated. Our VFD has a gym with a bowflex and freeweights and exercise bikes and a treadmill. All equipment was donated by members of the dept. I've been using it as often as possible for about 2 months now and it has helped some but it's not coming off as fast as I would like.
I have also considered the lap-band but have always been erie of going under the knife unless it was vital to save my life. I am also afraid with the lap band of something shifting during the rigours of my firefighting, rescue & law enforcment careers.

I have spent months at the gym & track with little luck. Prior to taking my first career FD test I was highly motivated to working out & running everyday with noticable results. I took the test , passed, did not get hired. Kept working to make myself better, took & passed the test a second time, still didn't get hired. After that I lost my motivation & really let myself go. I have tried to get back but just can't keep myself motivated for very long.

It's gotten to the point now that I am determined to do something for myself. I want a program that will push me & get in the best shape I can. I have heard that the P90X is just what I need.
P90X is great like everyone says. It hit a popular fad breeze and a lot of people hopped on. I enjoyed it and had good results. For some people there are equipment issues, like having a chin-up bar or having the correct weights for the exercises. A different system I use now, and like very much is called "insanity". It's aptly named too I have to say. After my first time I actually said that it was insane. The thing with this is that you need no equipment, just a good pair of shoes and water. It's a lot of cardio with your regular push-ups( well maybe not regular ones) and crunches. I am in no way a representative for them, just a fan. It, like p90x, is put out by Beachbody.
Also change your diet, ...eating habbits. Stay away from starches and sugars. Go for fruits, veggies and no red meat. Look at vitamins and suppliments. Eat little amounts frequently thoughout the day to keep the metabolism going.
This is just my way I did it. It worked for me. I'm not saying this is for you. Just an idea. I wish you the best of luck.
I've done a lot to change and it is coming off slowly. Only thing is I don't have the stamina a lot of the other guys have. I mean I can go thru 2 bottles of air but I'm wore out doing it. Some of our guys can do 2 bottles and then go do exterior and I have to have a 4-5 minute breather. It's sometimes frusterating and I know I haven't been in it for a long time and got out of shape but I do need to work on it.
It all comes with time. You have to have a starting point to go further. All you have to do is start, and you have already done that. Now it's just a process of continuing and it will all get better. I have been down this road before and have made a recovery back to where I want to be. Stamina will increase as long as you train honestly. You will find that your recovery time will get faster before you notice that you can make a bottle last longer.
Congratulations on your already achieved accomplishments. Keep knockin' 'em down bro.
Just purchased p90x. several guys in my department are using it with great results. will keed the forum updated on how well it works.
Thanks I appreciate the encouragement. I'm not quitting now I'm just getting started!
Handfull of guys at use it at work for our morning PT. I have been a little resistant to start it but a few weeks now and I am enjoying the program and the more importantly the change from the the monotony (sp?) of the usual workouts. You do need to have some specific equipment to do everything but the great thing is you can just adjust the program to fit your needs and do what you can with it. I feel like a total idiot some days but it is worth the time and effort. I really believe that what ever workout program you choose it has to be something that you enjoy and are going to stick with. Good luck.

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