Engineco913 has posted a Seatbelt Pledge that YOU, my fellow Nation-ites, can sign.

No, you don't have to wear a gown that opens up the back

Yes, you can keep your shoes on

No, it won't hurt, it won't even pinch a little

No, it doesn't come in different colors

But yes, it DOES come with side effects......a healthier and whole fire and EMS service; the members of which will be more likely to go home to their loved ones if they adhere to the promise they are about to sign.
Here's the link:

There are less than 100 signatures on this pledge, and I can't for the life of me fathom why?
There should be THOUSANDS of signatures by now. Save your brothers and sisters, save yourselves, and sign it.

What are you waiting for? To come home in a box?

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Capt. Patrick King.I will also use positive peer pressure on my co-workers .
Jeremiah K. Neely Kilgore Fire Department
Complacency kills!! I just lost two of my brothers who fell 8 stories out of our new Platform by not wearing fall protection. Strap up ladies and gentlmen!!
Kerry Dickson
Arlington Fire
Prague, Oklahoma
I have signed. I don't know how I missed the post before. Our department's drivers will not roll until everyone is buckled up. I do just want to point out that (and I am definately not sticking up for it) legally you are not required to wear a seatbelt while riding in an emergency vehicle. That's in New York anyway. I'm not trying to start any fights here, again I'm just pointing that out for those who will say that it's the law. Every law has it's little exceptions and this is a tough one. There are two sides to it of course, one saying that the second or two delay could negatively impact the response and action taken, and the other that looks at the number of LODD's related to this and says that the law should be changed. My vote doesn't go for either side. That said, I wish everyone would just buckle up already. Everyone says stay safe all the time and I think that can start with a seatbelt.
So we now have two threads on this topic following each other? How useful.
Already signed on the other post.
Signed it. I am all for the seatbelts.
stephen miller, fire officer (fighter) Barbados! Sadly, we too are reactive - need to be (very) proactive.
I think its a very good thing. Seatbelts are just as important as PPE/training
If it isn't clicked, we don't drive, an if your PPE is on correctly or complete you don't work
I know many of you won't agree with my response, but my opinion is different than yours. A lot of opinions on here seem to based around volunteer fire departments. I see a lot of posts about responding in your personal vehicle. I know we are all firemen but unlike what some people think, there's a difference between how a small volunteer department operates, and how a large city department does.

When in my personal vehicle I always wear my seat belt. However when in the engine or truck, I do not. Things that many of you don't realize is that we don't drive fast. We have some of the worst traffic in the country and never travel above 25-35mph for the most part. So we aren't traveling at deadly speeds. We also don't get dressed before we get into the wagon or truck. We get dressed enroute. Many times were are already on the street before we get the run dispatched anyway. We run 15-25 runs/tour. So we are rarely at the fire house. We have to get dressed on the way there. We also don't travel very far. Our city is only 62 square miles with 33 engines, 16 trucks, 3 rescue squads, and plenty of other units in that small area. So we aren't flying down a highway at 60 mph responding on a run.

People on here are sometimes so quick to jump on others that don't agree with them, but you have to remember we aren't all the same. We do plenty of things that I don't expect others to do. Many departments do not have the staffing or run volume that we do which is why they operate differently. I'm okay with that. However, I look at the comments on YouTube that have us in them and half of the comments are people lecturing us on how we are dangerous by quoting NFPA or Firefighter 1 standards. We operate in the way that works for us. We do it off of past experience and there's plenty of it on my department.

So that's my opinion, but I'm ready for the people to start insulting my department.
So right. As to NFPA


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