I get made fun of some for liking the fire service . Like I will be playing Basketball and I'll hear the Federal Q and I will run to see what is is . Or I was playing the other day and a Engine rolled up and was filling up from a hydrant and I would not take my eyes off of it . So back to the question.So they call me Fiwreman or fiwretruck boey or crap like that. I'm not ashamed of having a passion to be a Firefighter but it is really starting to make me mad.

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Keep the faith....future little brother....If you have a passion in life then work your butt off to make it happen....don't let someone else govern your passion...Maybe they are just jealous....Hang in there ...stay safe and always keep the faith.....Paul
man im in hi school i get the same shit there just jelious dont let it get to ya thats what thay want it to do man dont worry about it.

there just joulious that you have a passion and they dont
The life of a firefighter is hard. It is dirty, nasty, tiring, and extremely dangerous.
We do things that we never dreamed we would do and we see things that no sane person should have to see.
We have long ago lost count of the cold suppers, the missed birthday parties and family picnics, and the sleepless nights working in the most inclement weather you can find (because that's when people do the dumbest crap and need our help).
The toll this job takes on us physically, mentally, and socially causes many to call it quits. The hours are long and usually very boring, the pay is too little, if at all, and the public does not understand what we go through in order to help them in a time of need,and little appreciate our sacrifices.

Dispite all this, most firefighters I know wouldn't trade this life for anything. Yes, it's hard and it's dangerous, but if you want your life to count for more than the average schlepp out on the street, then you need to follow your dream.

Hey Jacob, this was brought up in another forum in the Junior/Explorer section, but I can't seem to find it now. It may have been deleted.

Try not to be discouraged or irritated by the others. You're fascinated by an extremely important service that exists to protect and serve. Remember that the ones who make fun may also just be teasing, or perhaps a little jealous that you have your sights set on something big. They may have their eyes on something like what? The new movie coming out? A new iPod?

Keep the faith. Have you joined a FD yet?
don't let these "friends" discourage you someday you may be the face at the scene that they are glad to see, you will have the training and knowledge to save their house their life and others that they love. While they are still slapping high fives on the court. you will be getting whistles from the opposing sex because you are sexy and have a future. Good Luck with your future endeavors. there is know better place like family than the fire/ems service
Stay true to your beliefs. Dont get caught up in all that garbage. One day you will be doing what you love and they will be working at a gas station. Take the bad stuff people say and use it to make you stronger in your pursuit of a great career. Keep your head up, this too shall pass.
Well said Bob......that's "Bob" with one "O" right...lol, sorry couldn't help myself...You have hit it right on brother...many of us actually volunteer to do this .....and not one of us would trade it for the world....just once you may make a difference....stay safe....keep the faith......Paul
Most of the kids in my class gave me a hard time about the exact same thing. I got to college now and most of the kids who did rag on me about it work in tanning parlors or other jobs of than nature. A couple actually changed jobs and joined EMS because of me! They were so shocked that I do what I do and love it. Bob Kinn is right, this is a hard job, with things you won't believe your doing. But everyone who sticks with it loves it. Stay with it as you obviously have the drive to be a great firemen and a super volunteer with that kind of passion.

little bubba let me tell ya i was the same way in high school and younger i have always been fascinated with this job and now i have been in this job for 7 years and i have had a lot of satisfaction in what i do now most of the kids that were making fun of me for what i wanted to do and am doing now are miserable in the 9-5 jobs they have and are running towards the job i love so hang in there bubba
Hey little brother-

Dont let the fools get to ya. If seeing those rigs and hearing the sirens makes your heart race, you may just have found your life's work. Maybe its time to stop shooting hoops with chumps who claim to be your buddies and start hanging around the fire house, talking to the FFs and officers. If ya think watching the trucks go by is a rush, wait to you are standing in the house and hear the tones drop and know someone on the other end is waiting for you and your crew to give help that no one else can. You buddies will probably be flipping burgers.

Keep the faith and we'll see ya on the fire ground.
Fire trucks are cool... and fun. People who know me give me crap too and they all know they can kick rocks.
Thanks guys

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