Okay, Im not nutz and neither are you, my first edition on this topic got deleted,,,,,so Im gonna try again!
My Department is getting a grant for extracation equipment, to the tune of about 40K . We currently use Hurst, but are interested in trying others. Im looking for good and bad feedback [thanks lutan1, that system is on our list!!!] on other manuafacturers, personal experiences, tips, tricks, ideas and "cant do without it" stuff.
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Brock writes like a true salesman...

We can all get every coupling to lock up if we know how. It is extremely difficult to lock up a Streamline coupling, as a matter of point... you would have to work at it! Wouldn't it be smarter to work at something more productive.

The comment about "thats why they have two hoses, one for pressure and one for return, to allow the tools to cool" ... if you had half a clue on why and how a hydraulic system works, you would know why there are two lines. Start with this... pressure open and pressure close.... 2 sides of a piston... this isn't hydraulics class.

Lifetime Warranty... my TNT warranty covers nothing for the life of the tool... as amtter of point it doesn't say when the life of the tool is over. Maybe my warranty is different but I doubt it. Okay tools... lots of hype.

ResQtec... nice equipment, works well... unlike some others... no BS story.

Amkus... they still making those tools? Better question, anyone buying them?

Holmatro... also good equipment, some dealers stretch the truth (imagine that). Hows that "three stage" power unit working out for them?? I like the video of the salesguy saying anything it takes to sell a tool.

I like Chevy... you like Ford... too bad for you!
just try to get whatever your buying made in U.S.A. and i don't think you will have any problems. After all do you trust china with something this important.
We just set up the streamline connectors on our Hurst gear this evening. We did an extrication training for a local EMT-B class so we got to play with the new connectors.

Simply put, they really work well. No more dumping pressure to swap tools. No chasing the 'other' coupler of the pair as the new fittings combine the paired hose into one coupler.

Just grab and twist. The tactile feedback is very good. If you don't get a good connection, the couplers just spin apart and separate. The feel of the coupler locking is obvious and positive. The size of the couplers is also good for gloved hands. The non-skid textures on the fittings is also effective.

We swapped out the couplers on six tools, four hoses, one reel, and the pump in about an hour.

Hello my name is Mike Orbell of the Inuvik NWT FD and my personal favorite type of extication tool to work with is the Jaws of Life and the brand we have is Holmatro , our unit is fairly compact and a little lighter than other brands. Though the design for the hydrolic hose connections has been an issue: the protector caps on all the ram, jaws and hydrolic hoses aren't verry durable. Making a standard car into a convertable is a breeze for easy casualty access, or popping door hinges. Weigh your options between different manufacturers.
Ok we did the same thing a few years ago and tested every supplier. Tnt and holmatro came out hands down on top. We picked tnt as they had better prices. Awsome does not describe these compaired to hurst. They will scare you with their speed and power. As for can't do with out? The usual combo, cutters, rams, and spreaders. Get the biggest cutters possible. In these days you'll find that you will be cutting more than spreading. Get a big ram and a medium ram. You can always use the spreaders instead of rams. Consider a sawsall with plenty of extra blades. They go through wind shields like a hot knife through butter. One tool not to waste your time with is the curtis wright powerhawk. I have never used a bigger piece of junk in my life. Twice they failed to live up to the hype! Even with a sales rep on hand. As long as the have a name you can research them find the one that works for your department hands down. I suggest having as many people on your department use the tools as possible before you buy.
we recently replaced most of our out hurst tools with new hurst tools and i do love them. i have had the oppertunity to use the holmatro tools alot though work and they are by far my favorite. i think they are lighter and every bit as tuff. i really cant say anything bad about them. i think both are very good but if we were replacing our entire tool box thats the way i would have gone.
I would definetly recommend Amkus. We bought our Amkus about 2 years ago and love it. It is light weight and reliable. If you have any issues the company will take care of it right away. My suggestion is to see what you neighboring departments have also because if needed on a multiple vechicle accident with mutal aid you could be using some of thier stuff as well. This way everyone is trained on the same equipment.
We just purchased TNT about 9 months ago, and our nieghboring Dept has had them for several years. They and us are very pleased and satisfied with TNT. Our Rep has been there every step of the way. It wasnt a sell then see ya later. He calls us every couple of months to see how we are doing. Nothing but great things to say about TNT.
I was a dyed in the wool Hurst fanatic. Key word being was. Our department just received 2 complete sets of Holmatro plus a combi-tool. As different as a Cadillac and a Pinto. Hurst did not keep up technology, and the customer service is almost non-existent. The Holmatro are lighter, more powerful and faster than Hurst ever was. Some have complained about fluid cooling with the CORE hose, but we trained for 2 hrs non stop until the power unit ran out of fuel. Not a single problem. Makes cutting cars fun again.
Thanks, I'll have to watch out for this. The way we've been going, we will have plenty of chances to find out.
I didn't read all responses but remember the new compounds of "sturder metals" in newer cars and trucks. Most tools will have to be updated or replaced down the road if there not this generation
I have been involved with 2 Fire Companies and both use Holmatro. I came form the old Hurst school and I am a firm believer in the new system by Holmatro. The CORE hoses is the way to go. One connection and you are ready. we have the connections mounted on the front of our rescue and it is a breeze.

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