Our District just received a $ 51,000.oo grant, where about 40K will be dedicated to new extracation equipment. We are currently using Hurst and are overall pleased but open to suggestions. I would love to hear pros and cons on other manufacturers and experiences, both good and bad. Tip, tricks and "cant live without it" tool ideas are all welcome.
As always, Stay Safe!

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We looked at them but the new Genesis beat them hands-down in the competition. The only brand that came close was the new Hurst.

I've also seen two ResQTek cutters break doing routine (non-fortified steel, just regular old sheet metal post) cuts. Needless to say, I'm not thrilled with their quality control. I've seen broken Amkus and Hurst tools, too, so I'm not singling RQT out, but I can safely say that I've never broken a Hurst tool. I have, however broken two Amkus cutters and a spreader doing routine work that they should have been able to handle.

I've also spent several years of my career pulling up as the 2nd due rescue and starting the extrication by using Hurst tools to remove stalled Holmatro tools from the opening, then completing the extrication.

Have you seen the new boron-rated Genesis tools? If not, you might be surprised at the improvements.
well, in the netherlands the HOlmatro set is the most used product.
The volunteer station where i am chief we have on both trucks holmatro, i could find a bether than these sets
the station where i work as proffesional we have also holmatro
Yes,again nothing about Genisis impresses me.I've cut a LOT of "iron"with both the Holmatro and ResQtek EWO tools.NEVER had a blade problem.We're upgrading all our tools this year.I hope to have the rescue engine completely upgraded by Thanksgiving.
In Denton we carry nothing but TNT. I have used Hurst and Amkus also during my career but have had the best results out of the TNT. We have 6 Engines, 1 quint, and a rescue truck that all carry a set of TNT tools on them.
We've used our Genesis tools on several recent extrications - including two complicated ones - with great results.

Our rescue guys LOVE them. If the budget holds up, we'll likely be getting additional Genesis tools. The single couplings that you can connect and disconnect without using a remote dump valve are particularly nice features.
Little Garry is Right... TNT is JUNK!
Holmatro... ok.... HURST Number One for a reason.... dont just ask salesmen about them as technical people... call code4usa for answers... or visit code4usa.com
compare apples to apples not apples to squash
Ben, I haven't been on in cuople of months. Wished I would have seen this earlier. Genesis tools all the way, Our department did Q&A drill with 4 tool manufactures. Let the rescue workers coments count, this was over 2 days, comments were about triggers on tools, weight offset of tool being balanced, being able to run mutiple of tools at once, and after the 2 days of cutting, spreading, and working a**off. The genesis won hands down. After couple of years using our equipment, we have become 1st due heavey rescue for 2 departments and 2nd due for 2 others. We just purchased another tool Comib for light rescue. We are able with just 3 pump units to run 6 tools at once. Our set of tools in small upstate NY community is kicking a**. with over 100 times of using equipment. If anyone else doesn't agree, I do GENESIS rocks....
We run Amkus, and added a TNT BFC, We love them both. TNT junk? Hardly. They are a very popular tool in this area, and they work as well as any of the others. In fact, as far as brand name tools, I would say NONE of them are junk. They all work well. Same old argument that has no end...about preference about any brand of equipment..... I have heard them all called junk, and all called the best.I can tell you this... When we bought the BFC, I did something I won't do again, I bought all the NFPA Shapes,it did as claimed. On an Amkus simo pump, Once we got the pump up to 9500-10,000 PSI instead of the test guage pressure of about 6200 psi, we replaced both relief valves. That solved any problems I had suspected. Also we bought our Amkus tools in 1988. The only major part we have had to change in all those years was the control valve on the spreader. We bought the BFC to have a powerful cutter that would plug and play with all our neighbors, they run mostly TNT and Amkus. Two of them had switched from Hurst to TNT.
here in Bulgaria we use mainly LUKAS, quite good and quite reliable. There are tools 30 years old still in service. Regarding Holmatro - good marketing efforts but when u need to purchase spare parts it takes months.
Been using Holmatro for the past 15 years and not a problem yet. Have 3 cutters, 3 spreader, 3 ramps, 1 mounted pump, 3 portable pumps. Have the daul line and the Core Technology. Various, airbags and struts. All have worked flawless everytime. Easy to use and has cut everything we've thown at it, so far.
have no issues except for every once in a while the pin that holds the end of the spreader in place falls out
Sounds like a fairly big issue to me....
We have two sets of res q teq spredders and cutters. We bought our second set after we had to call near by dept. to bring a set . Being a volunteer dept. we need to keep it as simple as possible, for ease of operation. We got some real good training from a hurst company, ( neat toys) but they sure do like them. How ever they tought us that you are only limited to your imagination when it comes to extricating a patient. So think on that doesn't matter the tools but how they are being used..


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