Our District just received a $ 51,000.oo grant, where about 40K will be dedicated to new extracation equipment. We are currently using Hurst and are overall pleased but open to suggestions. I would love to hear pros and cons on other manufacturers and experiences, both good and bad. Tip, tricks and "cant live without it" tool ideas are all welcome.
As always, Stay Safe!

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My personal favorite brand is now ResQtec, if you perform rescues you owe it to yourself and your patients to check these tools out. We have the G6 cutters, and will soon be purchasing the Fx6 combi tool, the G6 has proven itself many times since it's purchase. We had a kid crash a subaru impreza into a tree thus trapping himself in the car, the G6 was used to cut the posts for the roof removal and when the tool was placed on the b post I noticed that it slowed down a little, when I went to take a closer look the tool finished the cut with a pretty good bang, when we looked in the b post we saw many layers of metal around a hollow bar which had a solid bar inside of it, the ResQtec dealer told us at the demo that the G6 cutter and the Fx6 combi tool will cut the boron rods in the subaru, and we found out firsthand that it is very true.

Hurst is my second favorite overall, we have the original 32 a's still in service, and have not used a large spreader that even compares too it. In my opinion Hurst still has the best rams made, bulletproof is the first word that comes to mind when I think of them. My only gripe with Hurst is that they are too slow with new innovations.

TNT is my third pick, used them at a competition once and liked them a lot, they also seem very well built.

Holmatro, is a fine rescue tool brand, have used them at competitions, and dont have anything bad to say.

Amkus, a neighboring company has them and they have not impressed me, they are kinda like Hurst in the fact that they are slow with the innovation and upgrading their tools to meet the needs of todays vehicles.
Hello, We use Genesis Tool System in are area and we are the only ones. We live in heavy Hurst area around Rochester, NY... We purchased that system base on what the members thought. I wasn't big on the change at first. But once you know the system, well there isn't much you can't cut, spread, pull and or push. It is quick, light, and very economical fitting in you hands. I am not trying to blow smoke about the system. We are now first due tools in for two other departments that have there own systems. I have some links for you of what we did.

What we did may not work you, you need to get what works for you and your department. Also it needs to be serviced in your area too. It doesn't matter if its the best tool system in the world, if it breaks, it doesn't work when you need it. We have what works for us. Good luck finding the system that works for you.
I am sorry the links didn’t load up so here they are.

This is the spreaders we use: http://www.howellrescue.com/toolpages/spreaders/s49spreader.htm

This is the cutters:

These are the rams 55 inch and 31 inch;

An article about our purchase:

And a link to really good extrication class in Ohio.
Little Gary, I am sorry that you feel this way about TNT tools. TNT are the only tools made in America! And TNT TOOLs Have a life time warranty from the tools to the pump. The Honda motor carry the manufactor warranty. how many other tool company have a true lifetime warranty on there tools. As far as I know TNT is the only company. Just like any thing you purchase you need to research and demo. The sale's person can make or break equipment sales. Saling tools is more than a sales pitch. Service is the best seller of any equipment. Opinion are what makes America so great!!!
Little Gary Have you call TNT and advise them of the problems. I bet if you call them they would correct your problem. Your tool s have a lifetime warranty!!!!!!!
Been a long time sice I've used them, but the other drawback for Hurst is their weight! SSSSOOOOO HEAVY!
I highly reccommend AMKUS as the tools of choice. My dept. purchased a complete set in 2000. After having outdated , overweight Hurst Tools originally bought in 1972 I think you would be inpressed with the AMKUS. We also puchased the Amkus Ultima System in which you can use up to 6 separate tools at the same time with the loss of power or versitility of any tool. We found that the lighter weight of the tools was the biggest factor in the decision to purchase. Check out the AMKUS Website for more info.
It's interesting to see what others are using- here in Oz, Amkus have no market presence. No one appears to be using them.

#1 I beleive would be Holmatro, #2 would be Lukas and #3 would be Hurst....
on our dept we use AMKUS extracation equipment. There easy to use and is not heavy like hurst or tnt. I love using amkus tools.

Mike, these are the tools that have impressed the hell out of a former die hard Hurst fan, the confined space cutter will cut almost anything that will fit into it, the G6 cutter has cut the subaru reinforced b post in the field on an actual rescue, and the combi tool turns into a straight blade cutter by pulling two pins.
And these tools connect right to your Hurst pumps.
we use amkus just because all the surrounding departments do and there's times where we call each other for multiple extrication, so its nice to be on the same page for tools:)
That's a bit logical- stop it!!!!


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