just wondering if anyone can help me out. i'm thinking of getting a third tattoo and I wanted to get 'women of fire' instead of 'men of fire' in gaelic in a maltese cross. does anyone know the translation for women in gaelic?

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better not what?
Looking for Woman of fire or Women of fire?
either or i don't care, why do you know either of them?
I believe the translation is bhean. The whole phrase would be bhean na tine. I had to ask my grandfather.
Thats the correct translation. I think there is a little differanc ein the spelling depending on geographic location, some say Bean na tine while others say Bhean na tine
She is a female firefighter.....so why not have the tatoo of her choice? If you are not against female firefighters, then why would you be against a female firefighter tatoo? Just like this wonderful old saying....."Live and let Live".
There's always one misanthrope in the crowd....or was that neanderthal?

Want some gaelic? Try this on for size:
Go salai scata Fomhorach olta do chuid fo-eadaigh!
NOT funny. Degrading, insulting, low and juvenile. If that's how you label the women firefighters in your department, I pity them, and you

Can I add the word stupid? Poor choice of wording, and it wasn't funny at all.
Sorry, did you need a translation?
Who's not a firefighter?
oh you're right....I meant misogynist, not misanthrope. Thanks for the heads up.
Before you get labeled? I fear you have already labeled yourself. I was surprised to hear this kind of bilge from you, actually from ANYONE, in the open in the 21st century. No one in there right mind (your sanity an issue for another day) would actually think that they could toss out those vial labels for a female firefighter in any context and later write it off as a joke. Only a misogynist, a bigot and a fool would assume that we are all so stupid as you...this is evidenced by the stunned silence in the immediate vacuum created after you through this out into the open. Is this typical of your fellows at the CFD or is this your own particular brand of venting your spleen against women in the fire service and then making an even more stupid attempt to gas-light us all and get us to think that you meant one thing when you clearly meant something quite the opposite. Something so vial, disgusting and inexcusable that on my department, if you said this out loud, you would be stripped of anything belonging to the department, have a report placed in your permanent service jacket and be shown the door. Our DC has gone so far as to say that this kind of talk on the fire ground will still get you booted from our service. See, the really unbelievably stupid part of your sickness is that you give us in your other postings your name, department, company, etc. If you would not say it in public, then you probably should not say it in the hyper-public environment of an internet discussion forum. Are you so stupid as to think that you are the only member of the CFD who reads these forums. You may think you hide what you are, which is someone who has no place in public service, but instead you magnify it. The thing that simultaneously informs and sickens is that you are such a fool, this list of derogatory comments was probably not of your own creation, but rather something you heard from those with whom you work. Tell me...does the CFD condone such behavior and what would be the result if they were to hear of your violation of the code of respect between firefighters? Would you be suspended or simply fired outright? The real questions here is, "how do I remove you from my friends list?" After all, the most effective way to ban someone is to simply and effectively shun them.


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