Whats one of your favorite free time activites to do at the firehouse? I know some of the paid guys don't get a lot of free time, but we all enjoy the tidbits we get when we do. For volunteers, how often does everyone just stop in the firehouse and hang out for a few hours?
Balls in your court.

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Some say that I'm to dedicated.I make an appearence for at least 2 hrs everyday,even Sundays. Just do a little housekeeping,start everything,check equipment,watch TV,play with the computer simulators or watch training videos(oops I mean CDs).Oh I almost forgot cleaning masks,washing and re-laying cross lays,washing and waxing trucks and of course touching up wheel paint(not hi-tech enough for aluminum wheels yet).
We get together and order food and play cards or board game or we will wash the trucks or work on them. but you would be suprised how just sitting around talking and plying these games brings our house closer together. we like being around each other and it helps keep us a team.
I agree. Added contact off the fire line helps to salidify the friendships between firefighters. It's a very busy world out there, but I try to find the time to do like Kevin does, and still find a few minutes to sit around and shoot the breeze. If you have a strong friendship with your co firefighters, it makes you feel better when you got them behind you when on the knob.
I know how you folks operate,put a pub next door and you guys would go full time for free.LMAO Joshin ya mate
I have a habit to check SCBA's I check straps and tank levels but I also just hang out and spend time talking to some of the young guys talking about life and do's and dont's
Put a stop to it.That is a Firehouse not a playground.
Here are our ideas so far.... We get together on the 4th of July and have a giant picnic for family and members and we do our own fireworks. We get together at another members house in August and do a pool party and everyone brings food and we rest all day by the pool. We have a Super Bowl party and the finale is we play basketball, half court in full turn out gear. If your bottle goes empty you are out and your team goes without you. It is hilarious! But you also can find alot of us around washing trucks and doing maintenance on the trucks. We have a TV room and have been talking about getting a satelite and having a few channels on it so we can hang out and watch movies too.
I have pushed the point that we must get along because on the fire grounds you have to have faith in the person who has your back and you have to get along and respect each other to be able to be a good team when it comes down to it.
I am going to try to start a game night too. Meet and buy pizzas and play board games at the station, families included.
There are a few of us that are die hard UFC fans and we get together every month and watch PPVs together.
Doesn't it suck that the people we complain the most about are potential members of the nation? pretty soon going to have to encrypt messages
We get together on Friday nights, and eat, and just talk. Have a good ol'e time.
We usually drill at the station but if we dont have any drills planned we go to the cheifs house for bbqs and swimming and at the end of the summers sometimes we blast each other with the lines and deck guns and see who can take the most. Good times =)
Me i go to the station almost everyday. I go to clean the gear that hs been hanging on the wall for a while for new member's and i clean mine and my hubby's. I sweap the bays, i do my vihcle checks. I wash the trucks. I call a couple of the guys or girls to come and help or someone always show's up and we hang out for hours.
We have practical jokers at our stations, my personal favorite is finding grass snakes and hiding them in conspicuous places. There's also the electrode gel on apparatus door handles, warm IV's through the ceiling tiles, and one time I dipped those slimy bugs in candy apple coating then put them is a certain Captains bunker boots. He screamed like a girl, paybacks are truly hell.

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