Hi all! Just trying to get a feel for what kind of equipment is still in service out there! We've got a 1956 Ward LaFrance that was purchased new by the Dept and is still in active service (although not commonly!). Believe it or not, it's a 750 GPM Pump and is more powerful than a lot of the newer stuff we've got! The newest in the fleet is a 2003 Marion 75' Aerial Ladder. We've got a couple older trucks that are being restored and are collectors, but nothing else that old on the active roster. Anyone else still have good old trucks?

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Any pics or prices .

We have a 1964 Chevy stepside pickup used for grass and field fires still in service.
Good looking truck !!
This is a '65 Chevy, not a '64. Sorry couldn't remember the year when I posted this.
we just sold our 76 mack the we had since 95 to anouther county firedept to replace there 64 ford 6 months earlyer we sold a 74 mack that we had had 5 years it came from nyc we replaced them with grummans 92 and 90 models pics of all on profile
damn, how many "gallons per mile" does this baby get?
Our oldest in service are a pair of 1984 peirce. However we have a 1921 American Lafrance with a 1919 engine that still runs and pumps, in excellent shape. But locally the Buffalo New York Fire Department has the "Edward M. Cotter" fireboat that is about 107 years old that is still in active service.
Town Bank Fire Co., Lower Township, NJ has a 1947 Ahrens Fox HT 1000 GPM piston pumper still in service.

Check it out at: http://www.townbankfire.com/
my dept has a old ford 8000, i dont know the year, i just joined them
1st Out Engine- 1986 Hahn
2nd Out Engine- 1984 Hahn
Rescue - 1997 Freightliner
Our oldest Engine is a 1967 F800 with a 1968 American Fire Custom Pump body, it's the laughing stock of our county but the best we have. It's a 1000 gpm gas with a manual 5 speed trans 2 speed axle, it's one of the best in the area for pullin the hills we have and will out pump must of our mutual aid depts with exception of the couple of 2000gpms in the area. But it'll still give them a heck of a fight. We also run a 1983 Seagrave pumper with a 1250 gpm diesel auto. I'm also in the process of refurbing a 1983 Pierce Dash for my deptment, which when I have it done will take the 67 off of front line and move it to reserve.
Our oldest in service apparatus is a 1992 Seagrave top mount engine. Actually it's in reserve status now. We still have our F.D.'s first fire engine, although it's not in service. It's an 1897 Howe hand pumper. I'll have to post a picture on my page. Stay safe!

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