I was just wondering how many of your departments require you to take NIMS.....and which ones u are required to take..........

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Yes we were required to take NIMS 100 and 700.
our dept is also requiring 200 not sure why but I have all 3 now and feel abit dumber for sitting through it all LOL The word I got is fi your not NIMS cert you will be denied fed money. Anyone else hear that?
Jared, it is not so much our dept's as it is a federal mandate from the dept of homeland security that ALL emergency responders SHALL use the NIMS. This was done after 9-11-2001. Chad, if you feel dumb now, try taking I-800, wow what a waste. As an Asst. Chief, I have 100,200,300,400,700, & 800. Talk about torture in the class room. And YES, if you are not 100% NIMS complient, you are not going to be able to get any federal money, which also includes the AFG grants( that is one of the requirements on the application now). It's not hard to get there tho, just go to nimsonline.com & you can take the 100 & 200 on line.
I did all of mine online. Only pain was site kept crashing on me and online as you know you have to do it all in one setting or start over from scratch. I am not sure what our chief is going to do with the ones who refuse/are not gonna do it. We are a vol. onl dept so he may just not list them as active. IDK. It was nto that hard just boring as hell. Well anyway stay safe.
We need an minimum of Nims ICS 100 and 700
Ours requires NIMS 100 200 and 700 possibly 800 too....
If you want federal grant money you better be prepared to prove all your people have at least 700 and 100 for starters. Fron there 200 for most others and 300 and 400 for command staff. In Ohio you can not even take a certification course (Firefighter, EMT, Inspector, Instructor) without showing proof that 100 and 700 are complete.
My computer is being retarded and would not let me edit, also 800 is one that is required eventually.
We have all taken 100 & 700 with the exception of the new applicants we just got last Monday.

Why do you say it has made you dumber by taking the classes?
Being NIMS compliant means as responders your company should have at least NIMS 700, NIMS ICS100 and NIMS ICS200 for your department to be able to recieve Federal funding. Your officers should continue on and have NIMS 300 and NIMS 400 as well. I hope this helps you out in the information you require. If you need more information and are looking for the NIMS online education, I suggest you visit http://www.training.fema.gov.
All our employees/members must have 100, 200, 700 and 800. Officers must have 300 and 400.
Yes, We are required to take 100, 200 & 700

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