I always find this a good conversation to get into. It is nice to share experiences with other in the field and maybe get there ideas if something else could have been done.

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Nita I worked one like that a few years back but it was the lady's cats not dogs and in the middle of Aug and she didn't have the a/c on.
I would probably have to say that a car wreck with 3 fatalities all high school students
my worst call was on Interstate 75 sout when i work for tifton. the incdient was a mvc 11 car pillup. another wreck had traffic at a dead stop. with traffic at a dead stop a dump truck was driving to fast for conditions (fog) and plowed through eleven cars. some witnesses said the when the dump truck would hit a car it would burst into flames. i havent been a volunteer but 9 months when this happened. i was the first fireman on scene to put water on the fire. 2 cars had two in each that we didnt know about because they were so heavily involved in fire. when i was knocking the first car with they bodies when i had the flames out i leaned in the window to look for more flames when the steam settled i was face to face with subject burnt to death. after that i found the other three bodies. after the incident i thought i wasnt made for the fire service but i had to realize that I didnt cause the wreck once i realized that i knew i was meant to be in the fire service I WAS MEANT TO HELP PEOPLE.
i have cousins who's life goal is to gross me out, usually while im eating. but that is more unfathomable to me. i guess i would have to see it to get the full gross out.
I must say my most interesting call was around noon during november of 07. Original reports from dispatch was to us for a light plan/glider crash into the local ski resort. I missed the trucks at the station so i got a ride from a friend and met up with all the guys near the rescue truck, we already had our brush truck scouring the side trails up to the peak. After searching there for awhile we recive another call from dispatch telling us the crash occured on another nearby mountian just off one of the hiking trails so we went over about five miles and headed up good size hill about 4 miles up. As it turns out main rescue crew was around 7 firefighters as well as 2 paramedics hiking the whole hill carry a stokes basket filled with everything the medics could fit into it along with a back board. After a good 11/2 hours of hiking we make it to the first victem who was hyperthermic and had a broken leg (turns out he crawled a good mile to get help after him and his buddys 2 seat glide crash both the guys were easily in there mid 60s. After reaching the top we run into a few hikers from the city (were in the northern catskills) who flip on our whole crew for taking to long, one even trys to get into a fight (he was arrested by a ranger) Then the helicopter with winch was called and the medics asked us for any clothing to keep these guys from getting any worse. When the helicopter swooped in and with all of us no in tee shirts and it giving a light snow we were worried about us turning hyperthermic. Well this definatally was a interesting call both guys made it and we didnt get back to quaters unitl around 8-9 that night (also were we lucky to have some nearby neighbors lend there quads over for the last mile down. all in all a good run ill stick to the ones near civilation though
My worst call would have to be when I was 18 right after I became a EMT. Around 0330 on a Saturday morning, my fire department got alerted for a MVA w/ heavy entrapment. Well we all did the normal go to the fire station, and get in the engine (rescue tools equipped). Ended up some of the senior guys just hopped in the back of the truck, and said you can take it. So, I hopped in the captains seat, for my age I'm very knowledgeable, educated, and pretty well experienced. So we went to the scene. Pulled up to see a 2003 Ford Focus dark blue in color against a tree, with a tree branch broken off the tree at about chest height, and the roof of the car was pretty much already off the car. Well I did my walk around then noticed the license plates were very familiar. So I look at it even more, turned out it was one of my best friends car, which I was friends with him for almost my whole life. Yes, he was driving but that was the least amount of shock a experienced on that call. Went to check on him (due to me being the highest medical person on the truck), looked in and saw the most disturbing things i have ever seen in my life. My friend was decapitated. That was an extreme shock, but yet i knew i still had to do my job as a Fire Fighter/EMT. I knew he was dead (duh), but I still for some reason had to touch him and make sure, I guess it was most likely from the shock of it. But, I called the state medical command, gave them the patient report, with a very detailed past history and all that. They asked me how I knew this information if the patient was deceased, I told them that he was a lifelong friend, they then proceeded to give me the TOD (time of death) and the doctors name for verification purposes. Finally the police arrived on scene. That night turned out to be a busy night for the whole county so the PD was tied up for a while. I didn't feel his parents would like to get the news from a cop, or someone they didn't know so, I told the cop that I would notify the family. I had flash-backs and nightmares for a few weeks till I learned how to cope with it. that by far was the worst call I have been on in my going on 5 year career.
The worst call that I have experienced was when I was at Option Fire Company. A pregnant woman drove over a cliff and was impailed by a metal pole right through her stomach. She was killed instantly and I beleive that the baby passed away shortly after. It was more tragic than anything and very graphic.
Lets see well it was when i was a jr firefighter back in the 70s it was a forest fire and 3 firefighters lost there lives
the most interesting one i have been on was toned out for a call at a friend of mines house and i respond 2 scene sheriff is behind me rescue behind the sheriff and turns out to be a domestic dispute with injuries to my friends mother.

THe worst i have been on was a fire in a building that used to be a restaurant where the ff that was with me fell through the attic floor but not all the way through and its just 2 of us in there and i called maday for assistance to get him out be as i had the radio
One of my most memorable occured back in the spring of this year. We got toned out on a kitchen fire and rolled up on a 3 bedroom home in a new subdivision with moderate smoke showing from the rear on the structure. One of those cute little developments for new couples and first time buyers. In the front yard was a young lady with twins about 6 months old and she was bawling her eyes out. On the 360, we found smoke coming from the back door(kitchen access) but couldn't determine if it was really cooking. Opening the front door aided ventilation so we could get a look at what we were dealing with. All the smoke seemed to be coming from the stove so we entered with a hand extinguisher and quickly knocked out a stovetop fire. The story was that the young mother had planned an afternoon with her twins having a picnic in the back yard. So while they were in the back yard enjoying the beautiful day, the mother had put a pan on the stove to boil the nipples for the baby bottles. They mom and kids were having SOOO much fun that she forgot about the pan. As you can guess, the water boiled away and pretty soon the rubber nipples started to burn. Making nice, thick, STINKY, black smoke! We still giggle about the call where the lady burned her nipples. And in the small town we live in her nickname now is, of course, Nipples!!
that smell stays with you for the rest of your life. Horrible 150 cows burned had to stop the farmers from running in to get the calves. Nothing you can do but listen to them die
My worst call was drug out for 2 hours by a pediatrician. We got a call to the pediatrician's office for a 3 y/o about to code. Needless to say we wanted to take the child to the ER to stabilize or call Med Flight, but the doctor wouldn't let us leave, she kept wanting to push meds and do stuff there. So, he did crash. He went down so fast the doctor had my medic tube him before he was completely out to not waste that time. He had been born with a metabolic disorder and couldn't digest his food right. He had a feeding tube but even at 3 he only weighed 17 lbs. He spent his whole life dying.
So, after he was tubed the doctor kept pushing epi and stuff, I can't remember all of it since I had only been a Basic for a year and all I did was BVM and when called for the chest compressions. They shocked him a few times and got the rhythm back. After 2 hours of the pediatrician playing as the star in her own episode of ER we finally got him onto Med Flight and he was taken to the children's hospital, where he died 4 hours later.
That's been 7 years ago and in the past few years it's finally not bothering me as much as it used to.

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