U guys have probably done this B4, but what r ur favorite station pranks?
I was all over the place: short-sheetin beds, shaving cream in the boots, billiard balls in helmets, saran wrap the toilets, but my favorite (it never failed to scare the hell out of 'em @ 2 AM) was with battery switches off, turn EVERYTHING on on EVERY unit. Yeah, I'm a sick, sadistic little SOB!

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Aww Jim, that that is just so mean, and the way you have written it up is just brilliant.
Go rappelling and go Aussie (face forward [sorry lutan, that's what we call it]), halfway down on the descent, pull tension on rope to hold them in one spot and keep them suspended, tie off to stationary object and go to lunch.

M. Clark, brought me some memories. We did that on training exercise. The difference is, the landing point is at the river - waist deep. The guy who is the belayer, at the right height and moment hits the tension (hits the brake). Then the a guy who do an aussie rappelling dunks his head to the water.
hahaha we did this to our main ambulance driver at the first aid station at the fair. he woke up ran to his truck hit the blue light and then relized his pager wasnt goin off!!!!! i laughed my ass off!
I agree with Mark a mans gear is off limits to mess around with. One joke we pulled on a full timer was he always in the summer time rides his bike to work so when he's out on a call we hang his bike from the hose tower and wait until he gets back thankfully he laughed about it.
FF1635 thats funny as sh*t!!!
Some guys in my dept. thought it would be funny to put my keys in a cup of water and freeze it. I'll get them back!!
I just had my wife order this for my birthday she said. We will see what comes of it.
Yeah that is a good one.
We did that to a guy on station1, he had roof tar all over it. Yeah real perty now
We had the EMS in our station decide to start a water fight with about 12 of our guys after a fire one evening. They were using the garden houses. So we got the pony's in the station hooked up to 13/4 and pulled the 4000 gallon tanker with the deluge gun up top out and just waited for them to come around the corner again. Yep they won't start another water fight with the fire dept. I am willing to bet.
I saved the recorded tones to a friends cell phone and then waited til I found them sleeping at the station and gave them a call.
we had this done one time. Now the sheets are blue.

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