U guys have probably done this B4, but what r ur favorite station pranks?
I was all over the place: short-sheetin beds, shaving cream in the boots, billiard balls in helmets, saran wrap the toilets, but my favorite (it never failed to scare the hell out of 'em @ 2 AM) was with battery switches off, turn EVERYTHING on on EVERY unit. Yeah, I'm a sick, sadistic little SOB!

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We hung a guys bunkers from the ceiling of the station, as he was sitting in front of his house half a block away. And then went in and activated the siren(this was before we had pagers). When he come in and seen his gear hanging from the ceiling he just turned and stormed out. He complained about that for almost a year.

Same guy was standing in front of station(on a very busy state route) in sweat pants, when someone decided to depants him. Turned out the joke was on us as he wasnt wearing underwear(more than a few horns got honked at that!)
Why didn't I think of that??
i aways wanted to attach pink bunnies from the slippers to everyone's boots
My favorate things are KY Jelly on the stearing wheel or the wiper blades. Also on the toliets seats. Baby powder in the vents then set the fan on high. When they start up the unit...dust everywhere. Best one yet start the chain saw in the dorm in the middle of the night, best for newbies! Also, this works best in an ambulance, crawl through the back into the front. Take some kling and tie it off to the doors. When the crew tries to open them they can't! Put Kool aid in the shower head, when some one goes to take a shower they are colored.
Too much time on my hand I guess!
Frozen IV bags in the ceiling. Paper filled with powder into the bathroom then hit wit SCBA air. Cups under the bed frame, falls to ground when sat on.......
Ya gotta have a sense of humor to survive in the fire service. We never did anything to disable protective gear but we did do some things at fire scenes that are probably better left un-written to protect the guilty.
Hundreds of ‘practical jokes’ where played over the years. Small jokes ranged from water poured from the roof top down on firefighters while they stood outside the station on a hot night to putting stones in the hubcaps of the battalion chief’s buggy while he was in the station and watching him look for the rattle in the car.
I had one driver who would go up to the bunk room early whenever we had a fill-in at the station, he would tie a fishing line to the guys blanks and then spend all night pulling the blanks off the unsuspecting fill-in in a freezing cold bunk room.
The best ‘practical joke’ was pulled on a several companies at once. All companies where being sent to our station for physical exams. We told them that they had to go upstairs to see the doctor for their exam. When they got to the first bunk room they were told to totally strip down before going into the room with the doctor. Each of the guys totally stripped and left their cloths on the bunks and as a group they were called to the exam room. They actually walked through to the reception room where the fully dressed nurses and clerks where waiting to take their medical histories. By the time they returned to the bunk room where their cloths where, the cloths had been “removed for safe keeping”
If any of your units have a cell antena, take the cover off a roll of teflon pipe tape and put it on the antena. When the unit gets up to road spead (about 45 mph) it will start to spin around the antena. It'll drive the Chauf. nuts and the mechanics will pull thier hair out trying to figure out whats causing the noise.
Chief! I'm shocked. This did not happen at the RFD, did it???
Here is the book you need:


My wife bought this for me a year or two ago. Some of the pranks literally made my jaw hit the floor.
those are all pretty funny but were not aloud to mess with other peoples turnout gear for obvious reasons lol im sure we would if we could lol but those are all reall funny
yep, guilty as charged
Danielle, u r 1 sick, twisted individual! I like that in a person!

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