I have been scrolling through the the various forum discussions, and can not find an area that is dedicated to firefighter safety. I joined the goup, the Safety Officers, quite a while ago, but have seen, or received, very few posts.

I have a terrible passion about firefighter safety, striving to ensure that all of our men and women go home safely to the families at the end of the call/shift/day. I think that, sadly, so many errors are made on so many fire scenes across this great land, that there is a wealth of information to share, and learn from.

Until and unless someone shuts me down, I am going to start utilizing this forum to start posting safety items, RSS, new stories, etc that effect the safety of our firefighters and EMS personnel. I invite all safety officers to join me in posting and exchanging information.

Other areas of the FFN are great for positng pictures, videos, discussions of a hundred different topics, debates on tactics, etc.

(This thread has been posted and deleted a few times today, with "recommendations" as to where to best post it. I decided to place it in open forum, Firegournd Tactics and Firefighter Safety. If the idea of discussion safety in an open forum troubles you.......well, think about that.)

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Hey there, I share your passion. I am very passionate about safety and training, always have been, always will be. I have posted a bunch on firefighter safety on FFN.


Only problem is, you get a few responses before it is buried for much more "pressing issues" like terminology issues, color of fire trucks, and just about any other post accept favorite ice cream flavor. When it comes to safety we all need to learn more, but yet those who have the chance to post their thoughts don't do it. Isn't it amazing how "Fire Trucks are Red" (no offense Art) can have so many posts, but important LIFE SAFETY topics are rarely repeatedly responded to? Safety isn't just a word to store in the back of your mind, it must be considered while completing ANY operation on the fire ground, reguardless of how small it may seem.
I agree, which is why I thought I would put this out in the public forum so to speak, rather then under the safety officers group where fewer would see it. I can't guarantee that one will open the post, but if I get it to the FFN home page for even a short while, someone may see that SAFETY word, slow down, and think for a minute. Heck, if web chief could "fix" the FFN so that all members were directed to firefighterclosecalls.com for two minutes when they logged in, we might start to get the safety message across.
maybe we should type up a new safety post and title it "Chiefs wear white helmets" Bet we get a few extra responses lol
I agree. Post away Badger. I am all about safety as well, and learning anything and everything that can make my crew and myself safe. Be safe.

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