I noticed alot of you are Deer hunters. Is there any one in here who hunts Elk, Moose, Bear ect.

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I would love to hunt elk. When Can I bring myself and my assistant chief out to hunt?

Serious though Myself and my assistant has been exploring ways to make a hunt happen. I do have and uncle in Trinadad, Been working with hom in getting a antelope hunt in.
I go in 3 weeks. Not sure if there any over the counter tags left in my area. I hunt down in that area about 2 hours west of trinidad. I may be going in a left over season late december so if you are really interested let me know. If your out of state your tag could be pretty expensive though.
We no that they will be expensive. I think around $600.00. You have over counter tags in that region? At what elevation are you hunting?

Late December would not work for us. We have our muzzleoader season for whitetail.

Do you whitetail hunt or have a disire to? We have big bucks here Ohio.

How is the mule deer hunting?
I hunt between 9000 and 13500 ft. There are over the counter. there left overs so its hard to come by. If your interested you can apply with me next year, i have alot of preference points so your almost garanteed a license if I get one.

Mule deer are hit and miss. depends on the season and the amount of Texans that apply. I havent drawn one yet in the ten years ive applied.

I would love to go for whitetail. I havent been since I lived in Montana 12 years ago. Are you guys on a draw system or over the counter? Rifle or Bow?
Over the counter. Shotgun, handgun, muzzleloader, and archery. Compound, Cross and recurve bow.

Are archery season runs from Sept 27 th thru Feb 3rd.

Our gun season is first week after Thanksgiving. Runs Monday Thru Sunday. Our Primitive weapon season is between the holidays.

I believe your tags for out state our 135.00 for everything. Then you can get the second tag for 15.00 if you wish.

Do you antelope hunt? When I was out there in 2002 I see there are as many as our deer hear.

We'll talk on this Elk Hunt.
I have been wanting to Elk hunt - if I come down your way can you atleast point me in the right direction? ! ?
I sure hope you had atleast three other guys with you when you shot that - I see only what looks to be a hind quarter on your back.

Tell the story -what caliber - distance - weight and please make up a great story of how you tracked it for days and the only thing you brought was toe-nail clippers to quarter that monster - No - truly tell your story ! I am jealous !

2009 lets get a large party together - the first anual National Open Fire Fighters (Retired guys welcome:) Elk Hunt ! ! !
I wish I had a cool story like I jumped it with nothing but a boyscout knife, But I dont.
I shot it 2 years ago. It was opening morning. We had hiked in about 1.5 miles when we hurd the cows mewing. I thought for sure that it was just someone calling until I heard about 30 or so. We could see some of them through the trees and decided we would try to cut them off. Thats when we heard 2 Bugles. We walked ahead about 100 yards and into what we could make out to be about 200 head of cow and 8 bulls. Unfortunitly we had Cow only tags do to it being fourth season.

My father in law shot before I had a chance to compute what I was seeing. Ive never seen anything opening day much less that big of a herd in Nov. We had a low pressure storm that had moved in the night before. That drives them down and into groups.

Any ways he shot and dropped his @ 270 yards with a 300 Win Mag. They were in a valley so the sound echoed and they all stopped in their tracks which gave me time to pick one out. I shot mine at 7am at 380 yards with a 30-06 using 180 gr ballistic tip winchestor supremes. 1 shot 1 kill. Thats actually the front quarter that you see. I was dragging the hind quarter behind me in the snow. It took a day and 1/2 to get both of them out of there. We caped one and made a rug. I got about 220 lbs of meat out of her with just the quarters and backstraps. Actually we quartered both with one knife. I have a friend who makes custom knives. If you dont believe me Ill show it to you if you make here.

Those 2 elk filled the back of my truck to the bed rails. I could point you in the right direction or we could go together. NOFF sounds good. Cant garuntee evry one draws a license though
still trying to get mine :( always 2 days late dang it....
Here is a link to a new page on my website beenewsgroup.com I am looking for people who would like to swap hunts or help others find areas they can try out. Guides and offiters are getting so costly - I think we can do better. Even if we can book group hunts - that saves money and increases sharing the adventure.



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