When you were new, what was a mistake that you made that stands out to you to this day?

As many know, I'm new to fire fighting. So as things go I learn by doing, which can lead to mistakes. The worst so far was pinching an EMT's hand with the cot. I still can't apologise enough for that one. So I was wondering what others have done in the way of mistakes that stand out in their minds.

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I haven't done anything stupid yet.....the operative word being "yet" because I'm not even getting sworn in until next week.
What does that mean? It means I'm poised on the edge of the stupidity pool, about to make a swan dive into a whole vat of mistakes. My friends know that I don't do anything on a small scale, so my first big mistake is bound to be a whopper, but screwing up is all part of learning, and creates internal fortitude and growth.

Not one person on this site or in any department or station burst forth from the womb knowing how to tie knots or throw ladders, so I take comfort from that---everyone was in our shoes at one time or another.
That doesn't mean I'm not going to make a horse's ass of myself though. Hopefully it won't be captured for posterity on film. :)
Don't give them ideas! With my luck there's a news crew just around the corner! LOL ; )
The first fire I went to not knowing any better i run up to my lt. and the first thing out of my mouth was what do i do first. He looks at me and said put on you bunker gear. Now i get dressed before i get to the truck. We all do stupid stuff everyday on the fire ground its the big mistakes that you dont want to make. So just laugh off the little errors and pray that no one sees them.
We was doing a training exercise and had a lot of hose line out.I was pulling another line out in a field and fell with one leg sinking into a hole then onto my face.The first time wasen't so bad.I got over it.The second time I was stuck in the mud and needed help getting out {which my cheif was standing near but by the third time all we could do is crack up laughing.Yep it was the same hole all three times but it was dark and I learned a couple things that night.Always carry a flashlight and be constantly aware of my surroundings,lol.
Never assume that having Family in the fire service will mean you will be treated fairly and like every other firefighter on the department. (i.e.being made the "work horse")
When I got my first chance at connecting a hydrant I had a problem with the wrench to turn on the water and to this day the driver of that engine still gives me crap.
That, in my opinion, is totally ok. My first fire... we hadn't even gotten the rest of my gear in... I ended up, with a buddy, in the middle of a burning wheat field, 105 out... with only a helmut, boots, and a grassland shirt... not even sure how to turn on the hose. I was with a buddy... he gave me crap, but hopped out of our grass unit, showed me how to turn on the engine, hose, and nozzle. It was a crazy situation to learn in, they guys will give you crap, but if you try your hardest to keep up... the good ones will give you tips.

Those are the ones you know to listen to in the future.
I had to make a hydrant connecting to a left handed plug. I did not know there was such a thing. So I twisted the stem right through the main. It washed away half the street. It was one of only two lift handed plugs in Bolivar. We only have right handed plugs in the city now. Fourteen years later and I still get raged about it...
Went on a small grass fire. The brush truck went by from the anchor point on flank working toward the head but part of it flared up again. I am standing there with a McCloud tool yelling I need the brush truck to come back for the 3 foot by 5 foot flare up. One of the old guys starts doing a jig on my flare up and knocked it down with his little dance. Then he looked at me and asked "Are you going to stand there or fight fire".
The dumbest thing I have ever done was lose my radio on a fire scene!

I was on the back of a brush truck fighting a grass fire. I had my radio in the radio pocket of my bunker coat. Visibilty was zero, the wind was blowing about 60mph (not an exaggeration) and the ground was very rough. The driver couldn't see where he was going so it was a pretty rough ride! I was thrown against the rail and tank repeatedly. Of course, as a nozzleman all I was paying attention to was aiming my hose. When it was all said and done, my radio was gone. I was so embarrassed! I had been on the department about 5 years, but I normally drive the Jaws/support vehicle. It was my first time on the back of a truck and the only woman so I felt like such a newbie!! We never did find it that night, but the next day I basically walked right to it. The poor thing had been run over, but the ground was soft sandy dunes so except for the digital display being messed up it still worked!
Jumping right over my turnout gear on the bay floor and roaring off in a hurry on the fire truck then having to sheepishly inform my Lt. once on scene & I realized my gear was still at the station!
im a junior so there isn't much room to mess up... i managed to though

we were learning how to change scba bottles, it was my second meeting and our adviser wanted me to try. everything was good but when i was hooking the other bottle back up i cross threaded it. ruined the bottle and the scba. i haven't lived that down yet

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