I have a question for all you in the fire departments....this might be pretty stupid, but I was wondering if I could go to a fire department around my area and kindof hang out and see the firetrucks? Is this an ok thing or very not ok? I think it would be so much fun and to talk to the firefighters and just get to know them a little and hear their stories if they would tell them. I don't know how to approach them if its an ok thing to do. Any help? Thank you.

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I dontknow why that would be a problem. Alot of the older guys (me included) love to tell old stories. Also anytime I go on vacation I stop at every station I can and try to get some pictures.
Hi Regina, There is never a stupid question. And yours is one of good merit. I would welcome you to our FD and gladly give you a tour and discuss whatever you wanted.
* I don't know of any FD that wouldn't welcome a visitor........especially one that is going to be our dispatcher. FF are always glad to share stories, pass on knowledge and make new friends.
* The best way to approach them is find out when they have a meeting night, intro. yourself and just recite the last two lines in your discussion to whoever you talk to.
Good luck, best wishes in your quest, stay safe and train often. Norm
Thank you Justin, I would love to hear em!!!!! What do mean by pictures? Of different fires or just the department or what? Just curious.
I don't see a problem with it. I don't think most companies would.
Hi Norman, thanks for answering my question and also for not thinking it was stupid. I'd be pretty nervous though. I'm in Michigan probably not anywhere near you huh? I think I just might go in and say hi to them at least. Especially if they aren't busy. My son would really like to see the trucks too I'm sure, but I'm the bigger car buff, so it'd be more for me. hee hee So pretty much firefighters are a cool bunch of peoples huh? I'm thinking so just by the responses so far. Hats off to all of you.....salute...thanks again and talk to ya soon I'm sure. Regina
Well I know we would usually ask the nature of the visit and why you are looking to hang out more than any other usual tour. Post 9-11 people have become a little more cautious with station security measures around here. No, we don't pat every visitor down, but if someone calls and request to spend the day, there needs to be a legitimate reason. We have had gear, radios, equipment come up missing in the past (when we had an open door policy) We get alot of college aged students in for the safety program that need to complete research papers and/or interviews etc.

I know my DC would frown on the guys just hanging for hours with a women who wasn't on the job, doing a clinical or in for an approved ride-a-long, etc. for the shear fact that we have things to get done throughout the day, training and answer the bells.
Hi again Regina, Bringing your son to the FD will be a big plus. That's your in!!!!!!
FF's are always receptive to showing kids the trucks,the fire house and letting them put on our gear.
We're really friendly and a cool bunch of guys and {gals} as you say.
Bring a camera and ask to have some photo's taken of your son on the trucks and in the gear.
Once in, then you can ask all kinds of questions and even ask the FF to tell your son a few firefighting stories.
Don't be nervous......it won't be that hard. Heck, It won't be so bad for you after all.
Your not any where near me.....I'm in Vermont.........15 - 20 hrs from you.
Good luck, keep in touch let me know how it goes. Add me as a friend and we'll stay in touch, Norm
Regina,,,I would suggest going to the Greenville Fire Dept, as they are full time and there would be someone there at almost any time..Also try contacting the chief at Stanton...may be able to set up an appointment with him...Good luck.
I'd say that should be awesome and cant see why they'd say no unless their busy of coarse. I'm from Petoskey Michigan and we welcome all.
Regina I dont think there is a department out there that would have a problem with you and your son stopping by to look at the trucks and get the fifty cent tour. (not that we charge its just an expression here meaning we dont have time to show you everything but we will show you the good stuff) like FETC mentioned if your visit becomes too long or too often then there will become a point when someone will have a problem with it. Like Norman said take your son. most firefighters enjoy showing a kid arround a fire truck. I can tell you T.J. is right they are nice in Petoskey or at least they where when I visited this summer and got their fifty cent tour. and Justin wow is it a relief to hear you say you like to take pictures at other departments. I thought it was just me. my wife thinks I'm crazy we go on vacation and half the photos on the camera are of trucks from other departments...lol good luck Regina
Thanks for all the answers, it would only be just a short stop because I wouldn't want to be wasting their time. I know they have things to do so I'd never hold them up. I've heard so many people say they go to the fd alot and bs around with everyone there. Pretty cool. Will2745 you sound like you really know the area, good suggestions too. I didn't think Stanton had a fd there. I'll check into that. Thank you. Hey T.J., your pretty close to me here then, cool. Actually I want to take my son and my nephew to the fd. My nephew is a major major major truck fan..semi's, firetrucks, tractors.. all that so he'd really love it big time. I'm a major car buff, muscle, but I still would love to check out a firetruck up close and personal. Thanks again you guys, I really appreciate it.
Hey Barry, my son is actually 14 now but he'd love it. We were playing tennis a couple weekends ago and the fd was out there practicing their stuff. It was pretty cool, but we didn't go bother them, just watched as we played. I am so fascinated with all these things and its so very interesting. I'd love listening to stories from "old guys" too. Who better? My nephew is going to get such a kick out of this. I can't wait.

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