To all my brothers and sisters in the fire and ems service.

I want o start a virtrual bar here on this site. This is will be a place where we can stop and say howdy and have a few drinks and visit with each other. We gather for sport events, have a few drinks or have a meal. Or just what ever we want to do. Remember this is a virtual bar.

To start things off. We have a soild four side Oak Bar with Brass foot rest with Soild Oak bar stools. Have 10 big Soild Oak tables w/chairs that seat 10 people per table. We have a game room w/ three pool tables. I'll leave the vedio games up to the ones that play them things on what they want to add. We have a big 20 X 30 Deck out back w/ two Spas. We have 6 big screen plasma TV's 4 in the bar area. One in the game room and one out on tha deck.

The bar is fully stocked. We have pop, water sport drinks for the under age and the non alcoholic Bothers and Sisters.

Feel free to add anything to the saloon as you wish. This can also be a place where new people can stop in and introduce there selves to us and buy us all a drink

For breakfast this morning we a breakfast buffet. we have Pancakes, Sausage gravey w/bisquits, sausage patties, beacon, ham and scrabbled eggs.

Get ready for the afternoon Football. I have ribs and chicken cooking on the BBQ pit out on the deck.

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Dartboards, forgot about them, great idea. TJ....thats how my luck goes...LOL. I may have to start drinkin some crown and coke soon te ease my pain at the poker table.
John I just ordered your dart boards. Bull is paying for them. I just took another 100.00 off of him. Beat him with a pair Two's. LMAO Thats total of 175.00 I got off of him. LOL

Rum n Coke me.
In for a nite cap. Rum n Coke.

A round for the house on me.

SS all
what about the kareoke? we all need to hear a bunch of loud firefighters now and then ill take a vodka and cranberry,
Hot Damn!!! Jr came in second!! Idiot got caught speeding on pit road & had to go back to 41st but it looked like he was gonna catch Johnson. Yea I know 2nd is the first loser but he didn't wreck today. Gimme' a shot of tiquilla & a diet coke please.
Good morning Brothers and sisters. Coffee is on and brought in donghnuts. You all Have a safe day.

kareoke sweetfire. Will leave that up to you to handle that. I did order a Mechine for. I talked to FFN they said they would cover the cost.
just got in after working a 14 hr day at the hospital,and sat down to read thisand think this is a great.. I will take a cup of coffee black and a piece of toast would be great... I would also like to blow off some steam and say.. If people don't stop calling in.hummmmmmm. Get there at 6pm to help get out at 8:30 am...then have to be back at 7pm... Too early to serve booze.. hummm,
I'm ready for lunch now and ready for the New England game tonight, my poor Red Sox justed could'nt get it done last night................................. I need a tissue please. :)
Nah, the sun is over the yard-arm somewhere... besides they serve minors here too...
Wanna fight me buddy?? Huh? (Points to T.J.) Here's me buddy.
Wow...kinda nice atmosphere in here, I'll go with some water and a double stacked bacon cheeseburger loaded full. Anyone feell like a game of pool? No money to be won from me though =)
Right on Joe, you got my back or is it the other way around..............LOL:)

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