To all my brothers and sisters in the fire and ems service.

I want o start a virtrual bar here on this site. This is will be a place where we can stop and say howdy and have a few drinks and visit with each other. We gather for sport events, have a few drinks or have a meal. Or just what ever we want to do. Remember this is a virtual bar.

To start things off. We have a soild four side Oak Bar with Brass foot rest with Soild Oak bar stools. Have 10 big Soild Oak tables w/chairs that seat 10 people per table. We have a game room w/ three pool tables. I'll leave the vedio games up to the ones that play them things on what they want to add. We have a big 20 X 30 Deck out back w/ two Spas. We have 6 big screen plasma TV's 4 in the bar area. One in the game room and one out on tha deck.

The bar is fully stocked. We have pop, water sport drinks for the under age and the non alcoholic Bothers and Sisters.

Feel free to add anything to the saloon as you wish. This can also be a place where new people can stop in and introduce there selves to us and buy us all a drink

For breakfast this morning we a breakfast buffet. we have Pancakes, Sausage gravey w/bisquits, sausage patties, beacon, ham and scrabbled eggs.

Get ready for the afternoon Football. I have ribs and chicken cooking on the BBQ pit out on the deck.

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Yup keep the coffe coming and I will have an order of staek an eggs too Love the venison steaks been awhile
I'm up for some venison anytime of the day, yummy:)
coffee please, and more coffee
Jager doesn't like me. When I'm this tired, it only takes 1 good marguritta to put me down so I think I'll pass.
I got one.. not the big one I had hoped for ,but a four point.. Just got done hanging it got some pics for later to put on....
Awesome work Anne, I've gotten 2 does so far, no big bucks yet. Can't wait to see your pics:)
Your all making me jealous. I am stuck in Germany for work and am completely missing bow season, will be home just in time for rifle though.
We should make this saloon a group. Everybody would join and it would be easier to converse. And we could post pictures.I have HOT GIRLS! to add to the saloon. you need lots of those and I have a big Supply. If you do a group you'll need a name. Everybody suggest one. I can post a logo for FLASHOVERS TAVERN. It's a place in Philladelphia just in a buddy's basement but it's completely decorated in Firefighting stuff. REALLY COOL!!!
Good evening folks. Need a Rum n Coke

Congrats anne on the kill. I shot a doe opening weekend here in Ohio. I am rack hunting now.

No offense intended here Firehouse Dolls
I am content where we are with this. The Firefighter Saloon will stay right here. We have Female firefighters that come in. We have Jr Firefighters that are welcome. That is why I set this up with Non-Alcholic beverages for the ones that are not at drinking age or our non-Alcholic drinkers.
Hey Dave, what season is it now in Ohio? I can't keep up. Gun season starts around Thanksgiving doesn't it? Or is that turkey season?

mmmm gimme a shot of Jack & a sweet tea please, no not a Long Island Tea, just a glass of iced tea

Several years ago our neighbor got a pretty good size buck early in the season. My husband worked as a butcher for years. They brought the buck to our house & hung it in a tree out back. Our little girl was maybe 3 yrs old. She looked out the back window & saw the deer & wouldn't talk to her Daddy for weeks because he KILLED BAMBI!!
we have turkey season comes here soon if not already in. I don't turkey hunt.

Gun season is the first monday after thanksgiving runs thru to the following sunday. Then two weeks later we have a weekend gun season. Then we have a primative season in between the holidays. Our Bow season runs sept 30th thru to Feb 3rd.

I told that to my daughter once. That I was going out to shoot bamba. She said can I go. She stills gun hunts to this day.

Ready for another rum n coke
Did I hear rum & coke! Ill take one and whatever is cooking on the grill! Congrats To everyone who have gotton a deer so far! As for me I like shooting birds. Pheasant season opens Sat!

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