Our new engine is a sterling cab, wieghs well over 26000 pounds I'm not sure of the excact wieght and has air brakes. At my day job I have to have CDLs to drive an f-750 that wieghs 28000 pounds and has air brakes. Tn law states any vehicle with air brakes or excedes the wieght limit of 26000 pounds you have to have a class b cdl to drive it. But there is an excemption for emergency vehicles that just doesnt make sense to me. does anyone elses dept. require cdls or anyone think they should. I think you should have to have cdls and have evoc tought by a state instructor before you can drive. Just my opinion.
10-19-08 I contacted The Tennessee DMV and they told me that a non cdl driver could drive an engine to an emergency under the excemtion law but would be breaking the law if they drove back to the station to get fuel or was just out driving. The dmv also if a non cdl driver was involved in an accident driving a large truck they would be driving a commercial vehicle without a license and could lose their license or have to do jail time. They also told me all that was needed was a class be cdl in Tn thats only 2 written test and a short on road driving test.

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Then don't be ..
I'm not for sure that you understood. It's again as I had stated a few posts ago. We all want the same thing. Safety.
I'm unsure if it up to any of us to state who is doing what wrong.
I made a statement about money and then got made to feel like that it should not be a problem..
I know what it costs to be a CDL driver my husband drives truck.
I just think some people can not afford to do that. So where does the help come in from the state, we are not lucky to have a township pay big bucks to keep us around... So then I get a answer well then shut down or merge..Really that's a answer... Something I have worked hard at along with all the members to keep going . I mention many times I agree with training ..Then the answer still was not good enough..So really who is not listening...Instead of all the depts pulling together to help figure out what could help... We have the ones who are willing to run off at the mouths about how money should not be a factor, when it is for some... EVOC has already been taken by most of our dept,but that was not good enough...So what Tony... What is the final answer to solve this..... Money is not a problem for me been a nurse for along time, my husband drives truck..so yea I'm not broke,but you know what not everyone is lucky to have a dept pay for it, or just to have the money to pay for it..So Tony what is the answer..

FASNY and other firematic groups commend Legislature
for bill that corrects oversight in state traffic laws

Today the Firemen's Association of the State of New York (FASNY) commended the members of the New York State Legislature for prompt action on legislation sponsored by Senator Brian Foley (D - Suffolk) and Assembly Member Robert Sweeney (D - Suffolk) to address an oversight in the state's traffic laws. That loophole essentially disallowed firefighters from operating fire trucks and other emergency apparatus without a commercial driver's license, or CDL, during key, non-emergency purposes, such as training runs and building inspections. FASNY believes that Governor Paterson will sign the bill into law before Memorial Day.

FASNY President Thomas J. Cuff, Jr. identified the legislation as "remedial to correct a problem stemming from interpretations of a vague amendment to New York's Vehicle and Traffic law". FASNY, which represents the interests of the 130,000 volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel in the Empire State, worked closely with the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs and the Association of Fire Districts of the State of New York in supporting the legislation.

FASNY was particularly concerned about this unintended outcropping of a large omnibus transportation bill in 2005: as interpreted, the bill allowed volunteers to drive heavy fire apparatus - e.g. fire trucks - to the scene of an emergency, but not to return to the firehouse. Furthermore, it was discovered that the federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration required states to pass special legislation exempting firefighters from the CDL requirement. (The aforementioned 2005 legislation did not adequately exempt firefighters from the CDL requirement: the situation therefore required remedial action from the NY State Legislature.)

While some of the defect was cured by language in the recently enacted New York State budget, all official duties of firefighters, such as training, were not addressed. "Training is an essential function. Without today's legislation, those restrictions would have hampered our responders' abilities to respond to emergencies," said Mr. Cuff. "We are grateful to Senator Foley, Assembly Member Sweeney, members of the Legislature, the Governor and the State's emergency response associations for their continuing commitment and dedication to our volunteer fire service."
CDL Bill Signed Into Law

Dear FASNY Member:

On Thursday Governor Paterson signed legislation allowing firefighters to operate fire trucks and other emergency apparatus without a commercial drivers' license during non-emergency situations, such as training, building inspections and ceremonial duties, including parades.

Some of the defect was cured by language in the recently enacted NYS budget, which exempted firefighters from the CDL requirement while going to and from an emergency situation. The legislation now completes the exemption and makes it clear that ceremonial activities, such as parades, are also exempted activities.

The legislation was sponsored by Senator Brian Foley and Assemblyman Bob Sweeney. FASNY worked closely with the Chiefs and Districts Associations to support the efforts of the sponsors in getting this bill through. FASNY commends the members of the Legislature for passing the bills, and Governor Paterson for signing it into law before Memorial Day. FASNY also thanks its members for their active support of this important bill.

The Governor's office issued a press release on the bill signing, which included the following quote from FASNY President Tom Cuff:

President of the Firemen's Association of the State of New York Thomas J. Cuff, Jr., said: "This law restores the ability of our dedicated volunteer firefighters to operate fire apparatus in both emergency and non-emergency situations - such as training and drill evolutions - and community events, including school visits and, of course, this weekend's Memorial Day parades. Our members already receive many hours of safety and operational training before getting behind the wheel of these rigs, making the need for a CDL unnecessary. On behalf of the volunteer fire service, our leadership thanks the Legislature and Governor for their swift action in passing and signing this important piece of legislation."
This is obviously a subject that lives close to Romulus's heart. He not only posted the last two entries but also went to the profiles of myself and other people to seemingly make sure that we knew the state of play in the Sate of New York. So be it. And of course he is entitled to his opinion.

As I said in my reply to Romulus:
1. As with others, I have stated my opinion. On this topic it will not change.
2. In my State, in my country, if you don't hold the licence, you don't drive the truck. Period.
3. In my State, all volunteers are part of the one fire service, State funded and run. We need the licence, the State pays for it.

Now, are we going to have another round of people saying that those of us who agree with the original poster aren't allowed to have that opinion because their own FD hasn't got the money for this training?
Now, are we going to have another round of people saying that those of us who agree with the original poster aren't allowed to have that opinion because their own FD hasn't got the money for this training?
Yes, Tony we are.

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