So, I just so happened to scroll down my very own FFN page and I noticed something that I was a smudge ASTOUNDED by.


I don't remember getting divorced, and I definitely remember getting married (pics also on my page right underneath where it claimed that I was single). So, I thought I'd put this merry little post up to warn you all, check out your profile ! Make sure it's correct!! holy shit if my hubby saw that you'd be hearing WWIII from Norwich, CT. haha. I don't know if when you update your page you have to redo your marital status each time (it looks like it goes back to single when you update) but I recommend getting that bug fixed!

Phew. Thank goodness the 25 grand I'm missing really did pay for my wedding.

Take care - Stay SAFE! & smart. & tobacco free which is also careful safe and smart.


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dang,I guess coffee is out of the question now. Love the Bike you have. Wife said I can get one when we can affford two. said she wasn't going to look at the back of my head. Have a safe week
Yeah I just updated my profile and it said I was single. Yeah if my wife had seen that it would have been BAD.
Ha! Thanks Paul. My bike (momo) is my love affair!!! Good luck getting your wife on board, my sister and I both ride harleys and we're thinking about starting an all woman biker club of some sort - your wife can join! Let's get her on a bike first. TCSS!
Wow, sorry to say but I've got family pics all over in my gallery and if it did say I was single WHO CARE'S, my wife would laugh about it, sounds like you might have some trust issues with your partner.
Uh no, I was kidding. I merely brought this up to ward off unwanted flirting. You don't know me or my husband, don't assume things like that. That's rude.
I see nothing in your post that would say your kidding or joking, it seems your mad when you use swear words in a forum that has young who's rude!
HAHA ok clearly I've given you the wrong impression. Let's clear something up. There are MUCH more threatening things on this website than me saying "shit" in my forum post. Such as: videos with people swearing on them, pictures of stickers with swear words in them, all this talk about smoking and chewing tobacco, "Be safe, Sleep with a firefighter" etc... I do believe there are disclaimers with the website, and I'm pretty sure that swearing isn't prohibited all together. I don't think I said anything you haven't said before. You can't control the internet and what people post on it, you can only control what your children read and what they percieve swear words to be. Lastly, I appologize. I had absolutely no idea that young children read this forum this intently. I'll be more careful. I hate when people swear in front of kids. SO trashy.

Now, let me tell you this much: I've been with my husband for 7 years. We have a house and two pugs, two harleys, and a happy little marriage. No kids yet, we'll see. I work with 32 paid firemen (different shifts), 8 Paramedics, 20 police officers, and 7 other dispatchers. 90% of them are men. How does he deal with me working so closely with all of those men? Trust. By the way, my husband is not in public safety. He wants nothing to do with it, he has no friends in it aside from my friends. So that takes an incredible amount of trust.

I thought it was funny that all over my page are pictures of my and my husband on my wedding day and there it was plain as day "single." Also, I don't want anyone being confused. I'm married and proud, so yes I'd like the bug fixed. Again, clearly you've misunderstood me. I'm not very serious about anything. Usually I'm pretty sarcastic too.

I'd also like to point out that I did say "Stay SAFE! & smart. & tobacco free which is also careful safe and smart." to the young kids. I'm good people honest.
Hey Deb, thanks for the info. I have updated my profile a couple of times and never really paid attention. I guess I better and my husband (who is on here as well) would be riding me about that for all its worth. He would be kidding but still there is know reason to have unwanted comments on my page that could eventually start a problem. Thanks again and stay safe...
Crazy that happened I just checked mine and it says Married (whew) glad it didn't change mine. I am happily Married. Be Safe
Sorry Debbie that you feel the way you do, to me its just a minor thing in life I guess, as far as the internet yes your right kids can find anything they want to, but we should lead by example on this forum, if we all talked with swear words on here, I feel it would not be the same place as it is now.

Thanks TJ (no hard feelings)
I've always wondered the same thing:)

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