Look at these pics of this old hydrant and tell me what you would do to restore it?
I looked at it closely and found that it is a R.D. Wood Co. from Philadelphia, PA
Ilook at the dates and it looks to be between 1830's and 1960's, yes i know thats a lot of time but thats what i found so far.

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Old or not it' doesn't look like it was very well maintained. Wish we had hydrants in my area.

I would yank and replace then maintain the new one. TCSS
looks like a project in process if it wasnt hooked up to al ine i would restore it and put it in my yard for decore cause anything is worth while to fix it up and make it look good
Ahh-- backyard art, great idea. TCSS
I'd say sand/grit blast the heck out of it, put some primer, then paint with some marine or boat paint.
If you have a sand blaster that would do fine or just a regular wire wheel on a drill works. I would use the primer out there that converts the rust to a surface that you can paint. I got one for a gift. What a pain to get it home. I'm going to make a bird bath out of it. We had a call this year where the guy put one on the front lawn. Ya, we tried to hit it. Good luck. Great project for down tme
Sand the rust off or use a wire brush. Then re-paint it in your favorite fire hydrant color. I got one about 7 years ago and it's still sitting in my garage.
Damn! Did that thing get unearthed from a quarry or lake somewhere? I am not sure a sand-blasting job would work so well..... With the majority of the paint already off, the corrosion may be too deep to salvage a perfect looking hydrant through restoration. Sand-blasting, wire brushing/wire wheel on a drill, power washing and all out sanding will get some but not all of this mess cleaned up. If this hydrant is in service, get it changed, If this is your "project," you sure picked a big one! Good Luck

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