wut kind of tips can you give me in for a test or anthing on the type ?

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A dictionary and grammar guide would be a good purchase, for one. ;)
I guess you'd have to be more specific. I bet if you cruise the forums you'll find other posts asking the same question. =)
Hey Linda....Our instructor told us to learn the WHOLE book. He also said,"When u take registry, airway, airway, airway." Then once you pass, throw the book away and use your common sense....
Some of our group recently took the DOT first responder course. The best advice is to listen closely in class, review all handouts diligently and PRACTICE! Make sure whomever is teaching is certified by the DOT and has the experience. Also be sure they cover bloodbourne pathogens (some courses don't do this, which is beyond me why they omit it.)
Make sure you read all chapters. pay close attention to the little notations made in boxes to the side of the chapter text. I have seen question from those. you can take practise tests on rescueexams.com no charge but you do have to set up an account. if your book has a cd with it use it. and just keep studying.
If it is in the book know it!
Good advise to your question. here is some more.

never read anything into to the question. Take it at face value.

pay close attention to words like except, are not, only, are. these will throw you off.

no your terminolgy

pay attention to your ABC

Good luck.
"never read anything into to the question. Take it at face value."

Excellent advice! Trying to "read into" the questions will only hurt you. Don't think too hard, and you'll be fine.
Darn Lizzie...you beat me to the punch....LOL...Read the book throughly....study and practice youe skills.....this will get you through without major problems.....try to ride along on calls...put what you see to the information in the book....it is one thing to read about a patient having an MI (myocardial infarction) its another to actually see the symptoms and the patient....you will never forget it once you see it......Stay safe and remember to keep the faith.........Paul
I will add another tip here Linda.

When you do your practical examine on the trauma. If you get stuck on something. Go back and check your airway. You will nerver go wrong there.
never rush thru any of your practical.. you have so many minutes for it ,use them... If you get stuck because remember you have certain items you must do in order. stop and slow down.. Pratice with you family members..Have them be your pt's go thru your steps.. I think the worse for me was having to do it in front of some one.. Don't get nervous.. I know it is hard to say that because you will.. The person testing you will know and will give you some breaks, if it looks like you know what you re doing.... S o Practice practice.......
Study Study Study, thats what I am trying to do as well now if only my instructor would send us more note topics over the school website, ha ha. but reading the textbooks and any notes you take is about the best way to study for the tests.

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