I've been having issues with my cell phone for several years that the phone would have signal then no signal while standing in one spot, along with the drop calls. So 4 months ago I went to the carrier and said that I was fed up with the phone, explained the above and so they gave me a new card and up-graded my phone along with giving me a new contract (ATT/Cingular). I went into the store day and explained that I'm having the same problems and the sales assistant pretty much told me that being in Fire/EMS and the communications can wipe out the SIM cards. Also, she sees customers these problems having backgrounds in FD/EMS.

So, my question to everyone is what is your cell carrier, how long have you been with them vs. in FD/EMS, and have you had any issues and what are they?

Thanks for all your help!!!!

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I have Verizon and I have had really good luck with them. There isn't very many places that I don't get service. You can always try them. I have not heard of anything like what the sales girl was telling you. Then again I haven't had the problem that you are having. When my son went to college at Delhi the cell reception was not good for any other cell service. The only cell service that worked there was Verizon. So I don't know, you may want to try Verizon and see how that works. I am happy with them...
Ashley, we see FD/EMS personnel here who have problems with their cell phones. All of them (myself included) have the same provider as you do. Most of our members have the same vendor as Kim, and have superior coverage.

I get voice mails 2 or 3 days after the fact. I get occasional dropped calls. What the sales assistant told you was a load of crap.

If it wasn't such a painful process I would have changed to V. long ago. One of these weekends we're going to do it.

I use Sprint mobile and live in very rural east Texas. My phone roams on other provider's cell towers and my reception is pretty good with only a few places that have no signal. I had your problem before and I replaced my phone and bingo, reception vastly improved. By reading your post, I take it that your phone is several years old because you never mentioned replacing it. If that is true, get a newer phone, the technology is better now and your reception will improve. Turning your phone off every few days allows for automatic updates too, which should help with getting better signal. I too believe you were given a BS answer by your provider because they couldn't help you. Hope this helps you. TCSS
I use ATT and I hate there service too, but its all we got right now up in northern Michigan.
i have alltel i have not had any trouble out them. almost all the guys on our dept. has alltel
My Sprint phone roams on Alltel's network. Alltel is good, even in rural areas. I might change when my Sprint contract runs out. TCSS
i will say alltel is a little higher in price but its worth it
I've had various cell phones over the last 10 years, (U.S. Cellular, Sprint/Nextel), and have had very few problems here in Chicagoland. Am I just lucky, or is it simply one carrier or geographical area that's bad?
I would say yes, Brian. Being a major metro area, I'm sure the wireless infrastructure around Chicago is far more developed than in other areas, competition is stiffer and the systems have to work flawlessly.
I have verizon and love it I have been with them for 6 years and I get service where GM's onstar wont work.
Really, I thought they were all close in price, competition and all. Right now I have the $99 unlimited plan minus a 15% "federal employee" discount.

Your right thou, if something else works better, it's definitely worth it. Might miss a call from the Lotto people. Thanks. TCSS
lol we dont have a lotto in our state they just made it legal to have bingo not to long ago and now they are working on the lotto.

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