Is my district alone in this? In my vol. fire dept halloween night is our busiest night we will have 4 trucks fully staffed for the day before, during and after halloween. The punks in our area cut trees in the road burn tires and other junk. Then egg the truck and us when we respond. They will go as far as to make false ems calls to get us out. Last year they burned 3 houses and a store all were empty and the year before they burned a train yes a train.
**Update 10-12-08
They have started early this year 1 couch in the road and 2 small brush fires set in the road. We have decided that they are starting early this year because of the problems the dept. has had with our chief and asst. chief. But thanks to all your ideas me and the acting chief are having a meeting with the county mayor about the situation county wide.

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Sounds like your P.D. or Sheriff's Dept. needs to get on the ball and start being proactive instead of reactive. Once they catch and prosecute these douchebags to the fullest extent of the law, with any luck the problems will stop. If that fails it's time to start killing the a$$holes! I'm sorry if that last comment offends anyone, but at some point those kinds of individuals just need a good swift death. With any luck, the next tree they cut down will fall on them.
Prank EMS calls should show a call record with phone number shouldn't they? Voice recordings should be done too. Let me tell you ... if you so much as let half a ring through to our 911, they've got you. They've called me back before that quick. Our 911 here is very good in my opinion.
They arrest them but wont hold them it pisses me off they wont do anything
I agree 100 percent the people doing this dont do anything productive for society. I have 2 jobs my wifes a teacher and these jerks draw a check and act like hooligans. The bad thing is year after year they get braver and braver or more drugged out. They set a tire on fire we put it out I made a rookie mistake grabbed it and went to throw it off the side of the road. It was full of gas or something it flashed and splashed on my arm luckily I was wearing full ppe. But I called the SO to file a report and the cop told me "If you keep putting fires out they will keep setting them." We would let it burn but some civillian will get hurt then what?
Time to elect a new Sheriff!
I think a call to your local media and the county commisioners would put enough pressure on the law to tackle this problem.
Luckily for my district almost all the teenagers are juniors and wouldn't want to make unnecessary calls since they would have to respond to their own fake call. Most of the juniors will be working the homecoming football game which they scheduled for halloween night. To me that is a really bad idea sonce all the trouble makers will be in the same area to plan what they are gonna do.

My personal opinion is that you should use the media to identify the problem and educate the public that your law enforcement folks are complacent about the problem. doing this before it happens lessens your departments liability should there be a problem. Also, get together with your district attorney's office and make sure that parents are held responsible both criminally and civilly should something bad happen. If you know about it ahead of time, let others know that you mean business. It's called being professional. Don't let the law enforcement good old boy mentality get in your way...
After someone has been arrested they have a bond set, and if they can afford to pay for the bond they are released. This is all done usually within 24 hours. The JUDGE is the one who sets the bond amount, not the Sheriff. Then it is up to the County Attorney or District Attorney, depending on the severity of the charge, (misdemeanor or felony) to prosecute the scumbags. The Police can file charges all day long -but it is up to the County Attorney or District Attorney on whether or not to take the case to trial, offer a plea bargain, or simply drop the charges. Very frustrating when the scumbag gets out of jail before the police finishes the paperwork. Unfortunately, it happens every day.
It sounds stupid but I have seen the same guy 20 to 25 years old arrested twice the same night then I have seen him sitting on his front porch the next morning as I am heading home from the station. Talk about frustrating!
lol i love this pic. hahahahaha lol
lol i agree 110%

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