Is my district alone in this? In my vol. fire dept halloween night is our busiest night we will have 4 trucks fully staffed for the day before, during and after halloween. The punks in our area cut trees in the road burn tires and other junk. Then egg the truck and us when we respond. They will go as far as to make false ems calls to get us out. Last year they burned 3 houses and a store all were empty and the year before they burned a train yes a train.
**Update 10-12-08
They have started early this year 1 couch in the road and 2 small brush fires set in the road. We have decided that they are starting early this year because of the problems the dept. has had with our chief and asst. chief. But thanks to all your ideas me and the acting chief are having a meeting with the county mayor about the situation county wide.

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Wow Justin,

Sounds a lot like the tactics used by the bad guys in Iraq, I saw that first hand last year. Doesn't happen in my VFD area. Maybe you need 1ST Calvary Division deployed to your area by Halloween. Good luck and TCSS.
is there no law there ?
We use to have kids that would take some hay and burn it in the center of a bridge that leads to the park. That really sucks and where are the local PD when all of this is going on... I don't get it that the kids don't get caught and punished... Be careful and stay safe...
No sadly enough we call the sherrifs dept. quote" Let it burn its not worth one of our deputys getting hurt" or " were covered up well have someone there shortly" our sister dept. got shot at while cutting a tree out of the road and the highway dept was clearing a road during the daylight and had there windshield shot out. We would just let it burn but with people out trick or treating or coming home from parties theres a risk of people getting hurt. I think the problem in our area is its a rural part of Tn and we have a lot of meth activity.
We dont have a pd all we have is a sherriffs dept. and in all honesty they are spred thin. They have made some arrest but they get out the same night or the next day with a chip on their shoulder. The sad thing is their not kids they are any where from 16 to 40
That’s simply unacceptable! Seems you need to some cleansing in your neck of the woods.
we dont have that problem well yall stay safe
I can't believe they are let out the same night and the age range is incredible. The 16 year old's and a little older but all the way up to 40? that is just unacceptable. Good luck and truly watch your backs on Halloween and stay safe....
They egg the truck when you respond? Unbelievable! Sounds like a job for your deck gun to me!
Ohhhh i would have to say the Antwerp is the worst when it comes to halloween... The town tries to get the little kids off the street by 7:30 just for that purpose.. Same as the post houses,leaves,open hydrants,egging.. The town has done some changes .. Heck last year they caught the patrol car on fire..... I always pray that it is my night to work so I don't have to be around for it
Wow Justin thats insane, sounds kinda like Detroit Michigan, be safe out there, and if I where you, I'd be carrying some protection, sounds like law runs and hides.
We have been really luck in the past couple of years and haven't had any problems. But as usual it means that we are do for some thing on that night. Some of the responses are really scary on what happens to you guys. Please be careful and stay safe....

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