I've seen lots of Companies, Squads, and such that have sayings on their apparatus. Like FDNY has "Midtown Madness" for Ladder Co. 24/Engine Co. 1, or "Never Missed A Performance" on Engine 54 and "Pride of Midtown" on Ladder 4. What is your company/squad motto or what do you have written on your apparatus?

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We are very busy with MVA's on a highly traveled highway Rt 183,which gives us our slogan -
"Cutting Em Free on 183"
well my old dept we had a few co.with a motto one was the big banana the truck was yellow then theres midtown madhouse and a brush truck that said bush bunnies on it but they made them take it off
"Size Matters".....In reference to our 47 foot long, 84 ton ladder tower.
On our Engine we have "A Hoseline Ahead of the Rest",and on our Tower we have "A Cut Above the Rest"...
Back a few years ago my old department had a 110 ft stick and the next largest in the area was a 95 foot platform, so we unoficially used a few slogans
1. Mines bigger than yours! Chief hated that one
2. Home of the Big Stick
3. Reach for the Sky
East Side Engine 651 "Everyone Goes Home".
We really don't have a motto...me and a few of the guys at the department have tried to come up with a few. So far we have

- "We haven't lost a basement yet!"
- "From kickin' tires, to fightin' fires..we're there"
- "When a garden hose just won't put it out.."
- "When every second counts, call someone else"
- "Serving with pride, protectors of the doublewides".
- "We're Station 1, who the hell are you?"
Co. 1 "Serving with pride since 1895"
Co. 2 "Root St." (Oscar the Grouch pictured inside joke)
Co. 3 "The nut hut - Don't get roasted"
Co. 4 "Joker's Wild - From the hill to the highway"
Co. 5 "Always rolling"
Co. 6 "Runway to Fairway"
This is not a motto but we used to joke around the fire house throwing out ideas for one and we had a girl say "you lite'em we fight'em."
Thats how I teach our probies to answer the phones as a little prank. "Station 10, you light 'em, we fight 'em"

Ours is simple and to the point...."The Desire to Serve.....The Ability to Perform......The Courage to Act." Paul
o captian my captian

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