There has been a lot of discussion here on the FFN about spelling and grammar usage. Having been off from work for the past four months, I came across this memo from one of our investigators and thought I'd ask you if your department has the same level of awareness to be grammatically vigilant.

The investigator offers one suggestion for spell checking while writing reports, this could also affect your pc's ability to underline misspelled words when posting on FFN. I wanted to note that if you are using MacBook Pro, place your cursor over the red-underlined (actually red dots) and press ctrl, a window pops up and offers suggestions for correct spelling.

I hope this is one of those "helpful posts". TCSS, Mike from Santa Barbara

"I have recently assumed responsibility for providing reports to Insurance Companies, Law Firms, and other subjects requesting your reports. Many reports, primarily in the "narrative" section, contain significant spelling and/or grammar errors. One method to improve the reports is to use lower case text, which will enable the spell checker resource. When you enter all "CAPS" spell checker ignores the errors. I plan to provide further information regarding reports and other investigation issues in the near future, but did not want to delay notification to those who may benefit from this simple resource.

I certainly hope this message is written correctly; if not, please disregard the information above."

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We try some are better than others . Just the way of the world .
i have always been bad at spelling
its ben provn tht yu dnt hve to spl evrythng crrtly for peple to undrstns it. peple skp ovr crertn lttrs in ech wrd so evn splld like this u cn undrstnd it.

Of course for professional usage correct spelling and grammer is key. I've had friends that went to night school just to improve their vocablary.
Well you're the one that is going to be on the stand while your report is getting torn apart by a lawyer. So if you want to look like you don't know how to write or spell than I guess it is not a problem. But, in my department our bosses expect us to write legible reports with proper spelling and gramatics. The reason behind this is simple, when a report goes to court it represents the department and the bosses don't want it to appear that we have a group of dumbasses working there. Even if it may be the case.
even a judge knows. the only person that was perfect. was crucifed

in court you do know you swear on a bible right?
So what are you saying. The only person that can be expected to write a perfect report is Jesus? As stated in the other posts, you have spell check, you have classes that will teach you how to do it, you have fellow firefighters that should teach you. We keep a dictionary in the desk, we have reference materials in the office if need be. Don't give me some holly reason as to why someone is not capable of producing good reports. There is no reason other than not taking the time to do it right. It is no different that going into court with jeans and a t-shirt, it looks like you are not a professional when you do not produce a report that looks professional.
"I think that as long as you can understand the word it doesn't matter, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't correct it."

-The Goddess
I am not the spelling and grammar police, but from personal real world experience I think you should make every effort to write it "right". We have a person who gets little respect for items he writes because for the last several years of his career he consistently spells many words wrong and uses words in the wrong context. He looks less intelligent and gets no serious consideration for his efforts.
You want to be looked upon as professional? Then step up and be one, and yes, it does make a difference.
well done, I knew someone would think I was being too picky :)
In this forum, I do not believe spelling to be all that important. But, one must be able to convey thoughts and ideas. This is hard when spelling and grammar are absent. Some posts are impossible to read and understand.
i rest my case you make mistakes too

[ it is no different that going to court ]

thats what you typed above
thats just the one that poped up first. as i glanced over it

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