My wife needs a flame-resistant and non-arcing bra for work.

Does anyone have a suggestipon where I can find such a thing? I tried and and I cannot find anything.



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As a woman in the fire industry...i have never heard of such a thing....sorry!
Hey GM...did you note my post...?? There IS a company put there that addresses your can be reached at this helps.....Paul

Yep, thanks! I checked it out, I do appreciate the assist; it'll deffinately make my wife happy.

OK, I found the place to get the Fire-resistant/Arcing resistant Sports Bras. is the place.

The best part is that these Bras (they also make a variety of undergarments for men and women including "Boy Shorts" for women, Boxer-Briefs for men and long and short-sleeve t-shirts.) These garments at made of Advanced Protective Fabric™ (APF) which is composed of inherently fire resistant fibers. If APF is exposed to sufficient heat energy to carbonize it will "self extinguish" itself as soon as the source of ignition is removed. APF chars when exposed to intense heat but does not "melt" or "drip". They're also moisture wicking, anti-static and anti-microbial. They come in seven different colors, including Navy Blue and Black.

These garments are much more competitively priced to "regular" undergarments (Sports bra costs $ ~30) the the ones at ($~70). So, if they cost about the same as "regular" sports bras, but offer fire-resistance, anti-microbial, anti-odor properties, why not get them for work wear?

There clearly are, as some of the posts have shown a link to arcwear, etc. bras available, they aren't cheap, but they are available. Putting a flame retardant on anything that you will wear next to your skin is the single worst idea I have read in this thread. Most times a flame retardant must be applied wearing gloves and a respirator, why on earth would someone want this next to their skin?
Flame retardants on furniture in cars, on carpets, etc is leading to more cases of cancer, and when burned more and more cases of cancer in firefighters. This is one of the main reasons firefighter cancers are on the increase, synthetic fabrics coated in flame retardant.
Saving the "extensive search" could very well lead to a long battle with cancer, imagine the research he would have to do then.
Please don't delete this.
I have to wonder why metal stays in a bra is such a cause for concern when most of the guys I know would rather die than take off their sterling silver or gold St. Florian medallion from around their necks. Mine has only been off of me for surgery and that's it.
Plus, I happen to know that my wife have "underwire" bras for added support that are not "wire", but plastic.
Are there rules banning other conductors as well?
And apparently, it hasn't caught on in the fire service.
I meant no disrespect. I was responding to a humorous comment, that also did not appear disrespectful. If you read the whole thread, I did offer some constructive advice. Lighten up Firesiren, just because someone makes a joke, doesn't mean they are disrespectful of female firefighters. Geez!
Hey Kim, just because a guy makes a joke doesn't mean he's not taking female firefighters seriously! Get off your high horse. I suppose if I was a woman and made a joke, it would be OK. WTF?
I wish i could say i was trying to be funny but at the time of the first comment i was not . I meant that it might be a topic that most people would not comment to . The second one was my fault . As for being disrespectful i was not look at the forum: Lack of respect for your gender . On page 17 you will see what i think . On pages 14 and 15 was a lot of disrespect .
Oh, you guyz.
Play nice.
Remember; we left for the tranquility of FirefighterNation.
You wanna fight? Go talk politics with damnthing.
As for jokes: they have flown both ways in the past.
I had some humorous thoughts. I just didn't post them.
I grew up with SEVEN sisters. I have EARNED the right to tell funny stories about bras.
At first glance, I wondered about your subject matter. Then I saw that you were, in fact, serious. But the idea does invite unconventional thinking with no disrespect intended. People offering humorous perspective are simply attempting to broaden the discussion.
I mean; if a bra or a jock strap is how we are defining our fire service and the discussions thereof, then I'm going to go and grab a Mad Magazine, giggle at the funny innuendoes and push Alfred E. Newman for president.
"What, me worry?"
It's not applying an Flame Retardant to an ordinary material, if you look these items are made of either Carbon-x, Nomex or another self-extinguishing materiel. How is this a bad idea?


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