My wife needs a flame-resistant and non-arcing bra for work.

Does anyone have a suggestipon where I can find such a thing? I tried and and I cannot find anything.



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OK !
in nz we are advised in our basic training only to wear 100% cotton undergarments no underwires piercings rings ect
What's all the hoppla about, just go bra-less, whats the big deal, who is going to notice
when you have your turnout gear on anyway.
I would humbly disagree with your statement that men are not affected by women issues.
I have been "affected" for 32 years of marriage and when she's not happy, I'm not happy.
I care about what affects her, because ultimately, it will affect me in some manner.
The fact that men may not be as emotional about some issues does not mean that they are unaffected. It simply means that they choose to internalize it.
Secondary burns caused by inadequate personal protective clothing is a serious issue in the fire service and though there are those who might greet this thread with a sophomoric sense of humor, others have a genuine concern because they know someone who is affected or has personal experience.
We put a man on the moon. I am sure that there are female undergarments designed for the female firefighters.

NFPA 2112, Standard on Flame-Resistant Garments for Protection of Industrial Personnel against Flash Fire. (2007 Edition)
id rather that than have something melt to my bits
mick i think some women need a bit of support for their boobs especially those that have a ample bust and for the likes of us we all get into our gear in the same area so there is no chance for the girls to have a bit of privacy
Check welders supply places for welders garments, race car suppliers for nomex underwear, should be some on the firefighters websites, but I think the welders and race drivers need it more than firefighters. Otherwise, see if theres a place that can make one, like tactical tailor or somewhere near one of the bases. I'd say send your idea to 5.11 and anyone else you can think of. If it truly is impossible to find, maybe you're idea will get it started. Might make you famous, and get you some bucks too!
She did find a great product, which she highly reccomends. She has three of the sports bras, and likes the alot.

I can reccomend them too, I use the T-shirt and the boxer briefs I find them cooler than UnderArmour brand which is what I wore before, and much more comfortable in high tempuratures than cotton! Additonally the safety element of these garments cannot be beat.



Well said.

This is all I can find for now...
hope it helps some

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