Many believe that a fire truck should be RED.
Why is red the magic color?
How was it chosen as the color of the fire service?
Are there colors out there that have been proven to be more visible?

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Nothing beats black over red. We changed from all red in 1983 or so. We were the first to put lights on the front bumper and the side of the cab. Another nice color combo is gold over red. Ronks of Lancaster County. Almost as pretty as ours.
I'm with you Craig, black over red is where it's at! I'd love to see some pics of your rigs. Stay safe!
Someone please help me off the floor... I'm rolling laughing, and I can't get up!
the Department next to us is Chapel Hill, NC and they have Carolina Blue trucks.

I kid you not they are really that color. Our Department runs all red or Red/White trucks, I like them best but it depends on what you are used to.

I have to go with Brother Bailey here.....Yes RED trucks get you to the fire....BUT....It take a YELLOW one to put it out...Stay safe all..........Paul
im kinda partial to green ones

Black over red is definately turning into the new tradition.
Nice rig, MIke. A slight change of the lettering and that would fit into our fleet nicely!

yeah...unfortunately the commisioners wouldn't go for any trucks after this with the black over red. after this we could only get the black reflective stripe past them
haha, yellow is the color of a fire truck that has not been used yet, just park it out in the sun guys, it will ripen.
We have currently purchaed a new arial ladder truck and the color scheme is white and black looks pretty slick.
Ha-Ha Rob.....The only way we would park our truck "out front" is if your firehouse was on fire and we in our "Yellow" truck came and put it out for you......LOL

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