Yup, I wana see the urban assult vehicles that everyone is running to fire and ems calls. especially with what everone is running to move traffic.
Here's mine.

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Sweet looking ride, (especially that light set up). Gonna get a digital recording of mine lit up at night.

new fords suck...get the old ones like this one.6 inches of lift on 36" MTs but no lights.No need for'em.I want proof of this"05 F150 Crew Cab w/ the xmas tree lights and noise maker"
I'm just stunned that you guys are even allowed to put lights and sirens on private vehicles!

If we did that here in Oz, we'd be breaking so many laws, we wouldn't be able to sit or walk properly for a year!!!

I run a 2000 Durango, Strobes front and back, 100 watt siren and speaker be updating it soon so i can use the street thunder, black powder coat brush guard, 6" kc lights. Also planning on adding some red strobes to my driving light houseing or to my kc lights for added protection running during daylight.
Oh yeh, thats what I'm talkin' about! Sweet man! How much???? LOL.
It amazes me the differences from state to state in what is permitted for FF lights on a POV.

Most states reserve BLUE for Law Enforcment Officers, and Fire Apparatus and VOL FF POVs use RED. In Georgia it was that way, and School Buses and Mail (USPS and Rurual Route) carriers used WHITE strobes on their roofs. Out West most Cop cars have RED & BLUE, with Fire Rigs just having RED, or RED & WHITE. In Maryland they use RED WHITE & BLUE on fire apparatus, and most Enignes have a "spinner" with three lights in the middle of the grill. I always liked those Spinners....

I never had a need for anything but my four-ways since I served a city whose district was a two-mile diameter from the City center and we didn't repsond outside the city limits in the county unless specifically requested by the county, but we had an automatic Mutual Aid agreement with the next county over. Politics.

But I drive a '96 Ford Ranger Extended Cab with my bunker gear in the locked box behind the cab. I'll never forget the fire we responded to when I was at the grocery store wearing flip-flops, shorts and a tank top; the neighbors of the burning trailer were impressed watching me don my bunker gear in the bed of my truck. My CPT called it 'barefoot firefighting' since I wasn't wearing socks inside my bunker boots. :-)
This is my baby...... it has a two headed strobe in the windshield and a moblie radio since I am an Fire Investigator for the county...... also has my medic bag... a real hoot when I take the wife grocery shopping...LOL. Also it is a blast to drive as are all real JEEPs . My wife hopes some day I'll grow up but hey I am only 51. They said I had to grow old but not up........ LOL
That Jet Stream looks great on that Jeep, If you ever wanna sell it look me up. I had one idenical, and it was stolen off the top of a s-10 I had.
How many blisters did you end up with?
Well like I said.....if you ever wanna part with one let me know.
yah how many...I ran a barn fire w/o socks and In these sleep shorts...man i was sore!
Only one on the outside of my right foot. I have Hobbit feet after so many years of Ruckmarching...

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