I was just wondering what peoples thoughts/department SOG's were on wearing bunker gear, ambulance crew/fire crew, on the scene of vehicle accidents. In my department's SOG's it states "Bunker gear is required for personal injury accidents", yet there are some who refuse to wear it when they respond on the squad(ambulance) because they have reflective vests or jackets. Me personally I wear my bunker gear and a refective vest no matter what truck I respond in.

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I think everyone should wear the bunker gear too becouse of possible fire hazard and also possible personal injury from broken glass or even sharp metal exsposed. But i guess each dept and individual has its own meyhods . But this is something to think about.
on my dept. no ppe no play it dont matter what were doin...
Full bunkers should be worn at all times on a MVA. that gives you full protection..I know that medics usually don't wear full bunkers but maybe a coat depending on the weather..since the engine companies are responsible for extrication if needed. there is pros n cons to it but better be safe than sorry..we don't run medics just engine assist so when we get dispatched to a mva its full bunkers and then a reflective vest on top of your coat for better visibility.
This reply is to Justin.
As a Captain on a rural Fire Department with plenty of back roads, I have seen more dangers on that 4am dirt road. Here is why. At 5pm in the afternoon, traffic is heavier, speeds are slower, and drivers are generally sober. This means more congintive drivers on the road. At 4am, on the back road there is generally higher speeds, the higher probability for drunks on the weekend, and sharp curves, limited visibility, what does this mean?
In both cases, Turnout gear with refelctive stiping AND helmets should be worn. Your department probably has alot of money invested in gear to keep you safe! SO from seeing the end results please wear your gear at all times!
Well the way I look at it is this: FOR SAFETY PURPOSES FOR ALL PERSONS INVOLVED ALWAYS WEAR YOUR BUNKER/TURN-OUT GEAR NO MATTER WHAT TIME OF DAY OR SERIOUSNESS OF THE CALL. All bunker/turn-out gear has refelective material on it. you never know what kind of situation your dealing with even when your on scene. So in my opinion always wear your bunker/turn-out gear no matter what call you are on!
At our house you must wear full turnout gear when on the scene of any call except medical calls. If you aren't in full turnout gear the first time is a verbal warning from an officer and you get written up, the second time you are given a referral to our deputy cheif, the third time is a suspension. Personally being a training lt. with our department it is my resposability to train our probationary and rookie firefighters, the first thing that I teach them is proper wear and care of their PPE. I try to over emphasize the importance of wearing thier gear at all calls.
It's a vehicle accident, whether it is a vehicle on a roadway or the 4am dirt bike accident. There are always risks. Could be traffic, could be a fire, glass or metal......have you thought about bloodborne hazards.....wear your turnout gear.....period
Call came in the other night as van in the ditch, 2am, upgraded on route to possible trapped driver, upgraded as we were pulling up on scene as bus vs SUV, upgraded when we arrived and took out the rear windows to 5 occupants trapped, upgraded in minutes to 3 VSA, 1 critical and one conscious; heavy rescue required.
You just never know, wear all of your PPE and have someone with a pack on manning a line. Glass, car fluids, body fluids, fire hazard, twisted sharp metal, why on earth would you ever risk it?
Well, I feel like this. Play the "What if" Game. What if you get out there one a MVA and you are extracating and the car catches on fire, do you have enough time to get your gear on and sucsusfuly get the victim out of the car before it catchs up? I think that it is a time issue as well as a safety issue for you. From personaly getting injured on a fire call in the past, I know how hard it is trying to explane to a lawyer the reason why your department sop/sog states that you are required to have this on but you didnt at the time. It basicly comes down to a legal issue.
Wearing bunker gear on MVA's is and should be mandatory at all time's.It not only protect's you from being injured but keeps you visable.Another thing is the chiefs stress the matter and tell us firefighters to wear it and then some of them either show up on the call not wearing it or only wearing half of it.I don't think that's right.They shpuld practice what they preach.I really don't have that problem in the dept. that I'm in now they go by the rules.
ok i think it should be worn no matter what time and where the call is. Bunker gear isn't just to be use to be visible it also help with protecting u from glass,gas,gas charged struts. Our depts. spend alot of money to protect us why not wear it.
Very good replies to this discussion and it looks like everyone wears bunker gear.

My question is - has anyone seen or heard of wildland type gear being used for vehicle extrication? Or is this a local phenomenon? The people in favor of the lighter gear claim less heat stress in the summer. My response is that you don't get sharps protection, mainly. Any thoughts on this?

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