for some reason i seem to be on the calls involving kids. today, was no different. my first broken leg involving a kid, older brother, and a rough and tumble football game. this kid was just a trooper though. he didn't want to go onto the stretcher until i got him talking about what he got from santa. next, he didn't want to go into the truck, problem solved, wanna hear you're heart? good distraction. overall i like going on calls involving kids, i get to make them feel a little better and get their mind off of what's going on.......what's y'all take on calls involving kids.

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I've found that being a parent can be a blessing or a curse depending on the type of call. I have found that I can relate better to kids after raising my own.

Then again, if you have a bad scene involving children the same age as your own, it can really give you the creeps.

Within the last week I've treated a 1 year old and an 11 year old so maybe that's the limit for a while for me. The 11 year old hit a tree while sledding and enjoyed a helicopter ride to the hospital.
i have too agree with you joe
i enjoy working with children when its minor accidents but when its a major accident it kills me but i have too hold my emotions back and treat the child .some of my friends think i am cold hearted while on a scene but when i clear from the scene then it hits me.i have had a child that was 3 years old and was a code blue and the fianlly the doctor called the time. and it really hurt cause the child didnt even start too look at this world or enjoy life.i try my best too not show my emotions when it comes too children
there was one incident that almost caused me to leave rescue/ems. it was when my partner came out with a 19month old child in one arm and bagging him with the other. i really don't know how i stay composed.
I've been on some interesting call with kids and it doesn't seem to matter how old they are, they appreciate the parental role, whether it by mom or dad when they are in need, in pain or scared. A 16 year old boy was happy to have someone talk to him and stroke his hand while he was being cut out of the vehicle... but sometimes it's the parents who really need the comfort. I went to a call for the 3 year old VSA, that happily turned out to be a seizure call. Dad was a trooper until we arrived and took over. It was the closest I have ever been to tears on a call. Dad broke down and felt helpless. I don't mind the kid calls, but I always remember to treat the parent as well and once paramedics show up and clear us or at least free us up to get the stretcher ready, I head straight to the parent to let them know what is happening and that their child is in good hands. A little comfort goes a long way for the child and the mom/dad.
wow....that is one thing i know i am going to have trouble with in EMS......i can get very emotional with children when they get hurt......but after reading all of these responses i know i am not the only person that is going to or has to deal with these is really sad:(
Like most of the folks have said, as long as the call is not real serious, kid calls are OK to run on. They just want some help and you are there for them (and the parent(s). Considering I have been around a while in fire/ems, the serious stuff is what can really give you a bad time. I have seen a lot of stuff involving kids and it just never seems to get any easier than the first few times it happened. Looking on the bright side, if it makes your heart hurt sometimes, it means you still have compassion and a desire to do your best for those who call for your help. Be proud of yourselves that you are willing to "put yourself out there" both physically and emotionally (even if you hide it) for the people you serve. Just make sure to take care of each other when its over so we can retire old and happy.
i tend not to show the softer side in front of the guys (teasing sucks) but i'm the one who takes the wife out of the room during cpr, or the kids when mom is bleeding. i don't know why but i'm the one who does a lot of the emotional ems care. sometimes i will stay in the truck after everyone goes inside vent via tears, take a deep breath and go inside myself to watch the game. unfortunately i learned that you gotta be hard hearted sometimes or you just won't make it.
i will agree with every one on this i have run some real bad kid calls. we went mutual aid to a structure fir about 5 years ago where three little kids were trapped unfortantly we were unable to get to them. i was so ready to walk away from everything but i just stayed in it did make me stronger. also i have a 30 month old boy who has ceribal palsey and epilasy seziures so it is hard.

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