How is the flag on your uniform? We have ours with the stars forward. I have been told it was wrong but as long as i can remember i have been told it should never retreat.

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Field of blue is always forward. "Closer to the heart."
If the flag is on your right shoulder, it will look backwards to most, but this is the proper display.
Same goes as if it were displayed on a vehicle. Flags on the passenger' side will appear backwards while flags on the driver's side are in the usual appearance we are used to.

If you do a search on Google on "flag etiquette" you'll find your official answers in this.
I have asked to same question since ours is "backwards". The flag code actually does not specify, it recommends that the field is forward. It also says that it is up to your individual State's Attorney General to come up with a ruling. So, I emailed ours and asked. Surprsingly, I got no response.
A couple of months ago there was a discussion on this:

Basically when the flag patch is worn on the right arm the stars are on the right. It's called a reverse field flag IIRC.
Don't know how true it is, but the flag is suppose to appear as if the person or vehicle it is on is moving forward. So if it is on the right side of the shirt it would appear to be "backward" with the stars on the right side. We had this discussion at our FD and several fireman got it changed to the incorrect way. We display the flag on the right sleave with the stars on the left, which is actually incorrect.
Havinging never had the honor or privilige to serve my country in the armed forces I wunaware of the many customs of our great flag. This was set straig at an early age my by Grandfather a retired Marine who served in most of the Korean war. As a young child respect was a word I learned and used often. My grandfather to this day flies and American Flag and a Marine Corp flag in his front yard and both are lit up at night. When I entered the fireservice as a full time member I noticed every member of my department and surrounding departments had the flag incorrectly displayed. Our SOP's state it will be displayted on the right shoulder but gives no other requirement. I ordered my uniforms just like eveyone else expecting it to be correct since we had recently changed uniform companies. To my suprise it arrive WRONG. When questioning the company I was told the reversed field only applied to military personel and this I knew was wrong. I found a local shop to change out the flags on my jacket and Class A shirt after finding the reversed flag online. I recently inquired about starting a local Honor Gurad for Our county. Upon asking was told another department that had a "Great" honor guard andwent to ask them about training and other. My fisrt impression of them was somewhat marred due to all thier Honor Uniforms having the flag on the right sleeve incorrectly displayed, it was RETREATING. The flag never retreats just ask my grandfather or any other veteran... I understand an Honor Guard os to show Honor and Respect for our fallen Brothers but that is hard when someone didn't take the time to check out the correct respect for the flag. I understand they probobly got them this way as I did and just assumed it was correct, but I know it has been pointed out and still not corrected. How much does a patch and a little thread cost? Enough of my rantings for today. By the way the US Flag Code is U.S. Code Title 4 Ch 1 and Title 36 Ch 10 for those wanting to read it themselves.

Also quick trivia : When is the only time another flag can be displayed above the U.S. Flag. One is listed in the code but if you read between the lines there are actually two?? Someone has to be just as full of useless information as I am, at least that is what my wife calles it till she sees a flag at Half-Staff and calls me to find out why.

Also if anyone looks a t the tail of a large jet like Air Force One, it will have the flag reversed on the Right side. FYI...


I have always been told the flag leads into battle,,,you can order directional flags,,,look at the bow of a boat ,,,wish i had a pic of mine but blue fields forward,,,uniform companyies carry both, so order the correct one for the arm you choose,,also it goes over the heart,,,its a living thing,,,ask a vet.

as for which flag is allowed to fly above,,hmmm
when our flag is flown at half staff no flag flys on the staff with it either
Not to down play the importance of the flag or anyone wanting to display it... Here is something else to ponder. The flag code also mentions a lot of other things that the flag should not have done to it. Wearing the flag on turnout gear or helmets (I do too), is against the code if you read it. There is something in there about the flag being destroyed. In reality, if we wear it into a fire that is exactly what we are all doing.
To wear our country's flag properly, the field of stars is worn closest to your heart. Further, when worn on the sleeve of a military uniform, the flag should appear to be advancing and not retreating. Thus, if your patch is to be worn on your LEFT sleeve, use a left flag (normal). For patches worn on your RIGHT sleeve, use a "right" or "reversed field" flag.

Since the Flag Rules do not specifically address the positioning of the patch, a decision is left to the discretion of the organization prescribing the wear. Some elect to use the "left" flag on both sleeves. [Note: many states and cities have ordinances pertaining to the use of the flag; you may wish to contact the Attorney General of your state or the City Attorney's office regarding this matter.] If you are planning to wear only one patch, it is recommended that you wear a "left" flag on your left sleeve.

Military guidelines specify that in support of joint or multi-national operations (as in Iraq), the "right" flag is worn on the right sleeve (see picture), 1/4" below the shoulder seam or 1/8" below any required unit patches. (Class A uniform excepted.)
Source: Army Website FAQs
Not exactly. The flag patches, pins and stickers we wear are flag replicas, not flags.
Thank you for the info we got it right .
as an member of our armed forces we always wear our country's flag properly, the field of stars is worn closest to your heart.
It depends on how the agency wants. Personally I beleive the stars should always be forward. Its that way on my military uniform it will be that way on any uniform I wear in which the flag is on the right shoulder. If it is a problem move it to the other arm.

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