My department has 1 truck, 1 squad, 2 engines, and a brush unit (not including the boat and BLS). We're not assigned to one specific peice so i have the opportunity to get a taste of everything. Just wondering what everyone else does, whether it be one specific duty like being on the pipe, or being able to do a little of everything.

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As a trustee, I get to ride the chief and drive the fire district!
Yeah; I know. I don't know how I come up with these gems, either.
It's a gift. Or a curse. Depends on your personal taste.
Back in the day, I wanted the pipe at the fire. I wanted the Jaws at the MVA. And at the end of the day, I wanted to go home to a beautiful girl.
Hey; what do you know? I was three for three!
sounds like you lucked out lol
Hey All assistant Chief of a volly dept in ours its first come first out on our grass rigs who gets there and is ready to roll jumps in we all have our chance to be on all trucks we have 2 engines 2 tankers
2 grass rigs and rescue i usally ride in the chiefs truck unless were short then i get to go were help is needed before i was assistant chief i was allways first in. were all crossed trained all can run the pipe or pump or run the tools on rescue. you all be safe out there to many lodd
My department has two engines, one truck, two squads, one traffic unit, and one tanker. You can pretty much ride anything once you get qualified to ride that piece.
99% of the time I ride my POV since I'm about 7 miles from the fire house. On the rare occasions that I get to the fire house first (or am already there) my first choice is pump operator. Next choice is the pipe. Since I'm a white hat now, however it's pretty much my white horseless carriage regardless of where I am.

Like your department we have no specific assignments. We do have drivers' lists for specific pieces like the tanker and ambulance but that's about it.
We have a 1981 Grumman Pumper, a 1985 Grumman Pumper-Tanker, a 1994 Spartan Pumper, a 1995 Chevy Chyenne utility truck (Used for extracation and brush fires) and two ALS equipped ambulances and a boat. Not bad for a vollie, eh? I try to be on nozzel most of the time, but I tend to drive the squad since most of the time we get two EMTs who show up to FD Calls.
90% of the time I am on an enigne. The other 10% I could be on a Rescue or ladder. I perfer to be on the engine. My engine company makes around 1800 calls a year so I am very happy where I am at
Whatever I want, I'm the BOSS.... Seriously, though.... We do not have specific pieces, or riding assignments as such... We have 1 Engine/Tank, 1 Pumper/Tanker, 1 HD Rescue/Pumper, 1 Tower Ladder, and a Special Hazards unit... As well as a straight Rescue and an Engine Tanker at the shared assets station. Everybody is cross trained on the apparatus and fill the respective roles depending on which piece they "catch"It is not uncommon to find Chief officers in the officer's seat as we have a large response area, and if we know a Chief is close , and responding, the rest of us (myself included) will respond to the station. If I have another Chief on scene, and I choose not to transfer Command, I'll go to work.
I ride all the trucks that is if i make it to the hall in time.Usually I drive my own p.v.But if were at the hall I'll ride the enginge or my truck.
My station consist's of 1 attack eng.,1 rescue/engine,1 4x4 engine, 1 tanker/pumper, 1 heavy rescue, 1 brush unit, and a utility pickup. Basically the trucks are first come first serve. Our dept is rural so alot of time's the crew meet's the driver at the scene, but on acasion we roll with a crew.
At our department we have drivers lists for our trucks which include mini pumper, 1 pumper, 1 pumper/tanker, 1rescue/grass truck and our ambulance. But as for the rest of the seats its whoever gets to them first pretty much.
At our station we have 2 ambulances (ALS/BLS), 1 brush truck, 1 tanker, 1 wagon, 1 rescue engine (ALS certified), 1 utility SUV, and 1 support unit. We have a drivers list. Other than that it is first come, first serve. Of course if you are only an EMT you can't get on the fire trucks. Our support unit comes out when it is a long incident and brings us coffee, hot cocca, tea, and food.

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