Hey im new here, just wanted to see what helmets people are using and what they think of them. Our vol. dept just got a grant for 25 full new sets of turn out gear, we were glad to hear last night that we will more than likely get leather boots. several of us though would like to get traditional style helmets. The catch though, is all 25 have to be the same, we cant each pick out one, so we all have to agree on one, meaning the cost of leather is way out of question, and i would not be surprised if we got the cheapest ones we found (again). One that I looked at a liked was the Ben franklin II plus, it has EZ flips that are NFPA approved, are these the same as bourkes?

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We use the Cairns 1010 for dept issued helmet nad have just started replacing all face shields with ESS Innerzone goggles(work great with specs). last I knew no bourkes were NFPA approved due to open sides could be wrong on that though dont really follow it that much. Something else to consider for purchasing gear is if the department is going to spend $170 per helmet for the 1010's and someone wants a different helmet have them kick in the difference for the helmet of their choice. We started doing that for boots and helmets and most of our members now have leather helmets and boots and didnt cost the department anything extra. We pro rate it over like 5 years so that if they leave the department they have to buy the rest of the helmet(works out to us earning $30/yr towards our helmet) if they stay for 5 years the helmet is theirs free and clear. Everyone saves some money and all the members that want the leathers can get them
Research Phenix Fire Helmets. It's owned by a good friend, a guy named Ray Russell. You should be pleased with his products, everything from custom leather to high quality plastic helmets. Good luck.
Another update,
Last night there was a represenative at the station with 2 Cairns helmets tat were identical except one had the defender, and one had a facesheild. We were surprised, no one seemed to be imressed with the defenders, they fogged up on me within seconds, inside a climate controlled room to while I was standing still. The eagle on t efront also looks embarassingly cheap to me. It did fit better than the Paul Conway we tried on Sunday (it sat too low and smashed everyones ears, the suspension was not adjustable). So i asked our Rep. what the price difference is between the Cairns (which we have already decided was reasonably priced) and the Ben 2 Plus, he said they were about the same. So I think I will try to talk our guys into this helmet at our next meeting, though it may be pointless because I am the "new guy." Also it is confirmed that Morning Pride is the only manufacturer to offer NFPA 1971 approved bourkes, though I am havingsecond thoughts on these too.
Being the new guy sucks, I have a hard time convincing anyone I know what I am talking about, even though I am one of the 6 people on our department that has gone through the FF1-2 class. Also I get down about the trucks too, i am one of 3 people with a CDL (only one with a class A) but yet they assume I cant drive the big trucks becasue I am new. Oh well, I guess everyone goes through it, I think though if everyone is set on the Cairns helmets, I will offer to pay the difference to have a Ben 2 Plus.
The Ben 2 being NFPA compliant with their EZ Flips is some sort of loophole in the standard. There is still no way that you are going to convince me that they are NFPA compliant to the newest helmet standards of any sort.
hey were from north carolina we use the Cairns 880 Tradition and Cairns 880 Chicago and the traditions have the EZ flips with bourkes goggles also our chicagos
if i had to order a new helmet i would have to go with teh carins 1044 it is a great design
Well at the fire house here they use the Cairns 664 INVADER.I got a bullard for Christmas though. It looks alot like the Carins 644
Mine's a Phenix TL2 with EZ Flips
The Cairns 1044 and 1010 are the same except the 1010 is glossy and therefore costs about 30 bucks more. they are both some of the best. There are many brands out there but cairns is the only one i'll buy.
There no such things as a "Good non leather helmet"....its an oxymoron like military intellegence,jumbo shrimp,non-leather helmet in the Fire Service.

I know leathers are expensive and kind of price themselves out of the market, but tradition is tradition. You seem to have several different types to look at...The Cairns 1010 seems to be pretty popular thats what we issue here and I havent recieved alot of complaints. The guys are allowed to purchase and wear thier own leathers which is what most of them do as well as their own leather boots

If you are looking at leather boots seriously look at the Globe Magnum...AWESOME !! Boot...Ive worn Warringston Pros for a long time and I think the Globe Boot is night and day better than the Warrington's

Take Care Brother
Stay Safe
Make it Safe
A good helmet that sits low on your noggin at a fair price is the cairns 1010
Yea, Adam is right, Manufacturer said that they are exactly the same helmet; the only difference is that the 1010 has the top coat of gloss paint on it and the 1044 is really just a 1010 with no paint, it is just the color of the material the helmet is made of.

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