I remember reading an article in Firehouse magazine about this a few years ago.

Let's say the unthinkable happens. Who will be the one to clear out your firehouse locker? If it's your spouse or significant other, is there anything in there that you wouldn't want them to see?

My intention here is not to create controversy, but to generate food for thought. Stay safe!

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i have nothing in my locker. our lockers are open and the other guys like playing jokes. one fill our capt. boots with paper. plus we have trouble with bugs finding homes in our turn-outs. not to fun trying to work with little bugs trying to help you out.
I really dont have anything in my locker except for some spare turnout gear a pair of gym shoes to wear when I work out and my frontline gear and a memorial sticker for my dad on the inside of the door so nothing my spouse is gonna think differently of.
Pics of girlfriend isn't bad unless you're married.
Probably nomex!
There is nothing that my wife would care about . I am the same at home as in the station so she already knows about thing in the locker. She also knows all the things that will be put in there by the crew to try to discredit me. When I was injured all the crews that came to see me brought all kinds of things to see if the wife would get mad. She just laughed at them and said there is nothing that I dont already know. Took the wind out of there sails real quick. If I died on duty everthing would be loved by my wife because she excepts me as I am.

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