Right now I am only an EMT for both a private ambulance company and a very small volly dept. I have had knee problems for the last 10 years. I want to take the 36 hour class so that I can help out more with the volly dept. but I'm not sure about it because of my knee. I don't want to get in a sititution and do more harm then good. I wanted to know if any of you out there have knee problems and how it works for you?

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I don't have knee problem's but i do have back problems.(muscle spasms)in which I most likley deal with it.Go for what you want to do,and try to keep it limited.That's what I do.Best of luck.stay safe.
I would encourage you to take the class if you can do it without effecting your knee. You may not be able to do everything on the fireground, but if your department allows, you should be able to do some very helpful things outside. I strongly encourage anyone who is going to be on the fireground to take basic firefighter training (FF1 if possible). Even if you are assigned to tasks that don't require you to use the skills, you will have an understanding of what the rest of the team is doing.

I would also suggest that you have a frank discussion with your doctor about what you should or shouldn't undertake. I have had knee problems for several years, including several surgeries. I have been cleared by my doc to continue firefighting after each time. I am very clear to him that I want to be sure that I am not going to be a danger to my fellow firefighters and he has assured me that when it is time to give it up he will be honest with me about it.

Good luck!
This decision that you are trying to make relies wholly on whether or not you feel that you are capable of 1) completing the class and 2) knowing your own limitations in the field.

I have had knee problems for over 12 years including 2 ACL reconstructions. The key factor for me has been regular strength training and a high pain tolerance (Arthritis). Does it hurt on occasion, sure. But I am not going to let that come between me and the fire service. My doctor has repeatedly cleared me for duty because I have maintained the strength in both of my legs. My safety and that of my crew of of top priority. If you want to properly prepare for firefighter training and service, be prepared to work hard and stay focused.

Knee 'problems' come in a vast array of conditions and situations. In my Humble opinion, you need to do two things:

1) Discuss this with your doctor.
You and your doctor can evaluate your unique situation and decide what course of action would be best for you. Pay attention and follow his/her advise.

2) Look Deep within yourself.
Only you can see what challenges you will be able to overcome. Decide what is important to you and whether or not you are willing to put in the work that it takes to ensure the safety of yourself and your crew. You are already on the ambulance. This can be physically demanding at times too. Obviously, you can handle that, so taking the next step is likely not a big reach for you. Just be careful and know your limitations.

The only way to find your limits is to test them. Best of luck to you and keep yourself safe.
I do agree with Kristy; take the class if you can without causing more damage to your knee. There are people who have limitations on what they can and can’t do; working with your officers will give them understanding of your physical limitations. I have a physical limitation/disability… I have full movement of my right arm and hand. On left side due to medical reason (brain tumor) I lost full motor control in my left arm and hand. I can use my left arm to help assist moving or caring items. My dept knows I have disablity, and they know what I can or can’t do. Due to my limitations I can’t climb ladders, fight fire from inside a building, or be on the end of the nozzle. Although my limitations give me a draw back on what I can do. I have done all I can as far as schooling goes. I have completed Fire Entry 1 & 2, but my instructor didn’t have me climbing ladders or operating the nozzle. I wanted to go though the Firefighter 1 cert, but I couldn’t due to physical abilities I couldn’t attend the class. Therefore because I couldn’t attend FF1 my other alternative was to completed driver/operator entry, and that I have done so. Tracy I am talling you this all because you shouldn’t give up on something that possible you can over come.
Hi....a few years back I had a partial right knee replacement...so I guess you could say I have been there....well I am still in the heat of it all...recently completed Firefighter II..and Cause and Origin school...What I would tell you is TRY it...if you find that you physically cannot do it...drop it...no-one will fault you for trying....I have the policy that I don't want to look back someday and say "I wish I had tried that".....Good luck Brother...Stay safe....and keep the faith............Paul
I have had 3 orthoscopic surgeries on one knee, and I made it through FF I & II with no problems. Get a little sore, but it has not keep me from doing this. Good luck, and be safe.
It all depends. Only you know your capabilities, but I will say this. I just went through my level one course, and I did take a lot of abuse on them, mostly from crawling around the uneven floor in the burn tower, and they did start to hurt after the first month, but I've only had a few knee problems in the past 3 years from doing judo. It all depends on the extent of the problem, but mostly on your stamina and resistence to pain. Its up to you, and good luck on your decision!!
I have knee problems and have had orthoscopics on both .... multiples on my right knee. Since then I was slow going for about 6 months but after that I was like a rocket sled on rails. I do rope work, interior attack, ladder and roof work and i only feel it a little bit the morning after. I say go for it but remember your limits and listen to your knee .... if you even have the inkling that your knee is saying "NO WAY !" dont do it. GOOD LUCK = )
From the look of the responses maybe we should start a new group... Firefighters with knee problems!
Hey now....Be nice....LOL More like the waling wounded....
I'm one of the wailing wounded....
I am 27 and I have had surgery on my knee three times. Only you can decide how far to push yourself. I pack up for fires and still go in. If my knee is sore, I stay out. There are many things to do around a fire scene then go in. You can help change bottles, feed in the hose lines, help the men/women that come out take their gear off. You can get qualified on a truck on run it. Every department is different, but everyone will tell you that there is plenty to do. Go for it. It's worth taking the class, if you decide not to go all the way, you will have that knowledge if you are ever in a situation.

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