Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the high level of incompetence shown, (especially where the young guys are concerned), in the arena of grammer? Dare I say spelling, but I am a lousy speller as well. Sister Virginia would kick my ass if she thought I was killing the English language the way these people do. As would most of the other teachers I've had, not to mention my mother! How does a person make it through life without the ability to communicate? I fear we as a society will be overrun by a culture of profesional communicators that can only say correctly, "Would you like to supersize that sir'? Am I just an idiot for noticing this or should I be happy that my son will grow up with the ability to speak and write? Or is that speek and rite?

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I tooo print everything, mostly due to the fact that everything I write ultimately must go to people further up the food chain than I. My printing was good to begin with, but I've added a bit of flair, (now don't that sound gay), since I switched pens. A few years ago, I got a wild hare up my butt to start using fountain pens. They're all I use now and they are all pre 1930. What a difference a fine writing instrument makes. I have a few with italic nibs, and when I use them people say tha it looks like I write in script even as I'm printing.
Hi McK -

I saw one yesterday: No patent contack.
Wel, I supoz u mite b rite thur......agin tho wat duz spllin gut ta du wit furfitn'..? I agree with you to a is a shame to see some of the grammar and spelling here...I"m not sure how they made it through classes.....would have to do a bit better if I was their least would have to try....BUT....Spelling and good grammar doesn't put a fire out.....Ya'll still be my brothers......Ya jus dunt talk purdy....LOL Stay safe all....and remember to keep the faith............Paul
You have a wild rabbit up your butt? It must get uncomfortable...
Some of the posts I have seen on various sites are just too run-on or disjointed that I get distracted and give up trying to figure out what the poster trying to say. I'm just thankful that I can express myself halfway decently in writing, it's a great gift.

I guess the nuns did get through to me with their lessons.
I have noticed the same thing since this website opened up. I would suggest to those who read this forum topic, that if you are applying for a fire service job: text message lingo, shortcut English, or just plain poor language skill will not score many points in the application process.

I have sat on several firefighter hiring boards and when the language skills are poor it stands out very quickly.

After raising 4 boys to college and now just a bit past that, I credit all their skills & abilites to them, my wonderful wife/mother, & myself. Mom & I both made them do the Math and the English the old fashion hard way without the shortcuts. Once they knew the hard way they were able to use the shortcut methods. Seems to have paid off very well.
Though this is a "fun" topic, it is also a very serious one.
I would suggest to anyone considering taking a second language, that they first master the English language.
And don't rely on spell check. Correctly spelled words may not be the right one. I have proof read some of my writing, only to find words that were spelled correctly but not its proper usage.
Grammar check is pretty reliable and I am usually dinged for "over-punctuating. That damned semi-colon confuses the hell out of the computer. Either that or I just enjoy using it a lot.
This is a good discussion. I am surprised that it has remained civil in tone.
i have a recipe for that...Lapin Forrestiere.
Well,'s some crazy about opening up a group for us? ; those that can speak, write and spell the King's English--topics irrelevant.
We can expound on whatever issues the fire service is facing, and there will be no need to dumb it down for the unwashed masses.
Just a thought.
You call that lucky?
Our nuns lived in the convent next to the school! The church was on the other side and had doorways between the three buildings.

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