Anyone else besides me think there should be a limit of the number of pics posted at one time? Like maybe 25? Or am I just being a whiner because I don't like to go through 200 pics of the same fire or fire rigs or people standing around?

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This is a good idea in some regards, although there is no way to control this and I doubt there will be. It is part of the platform.

That being said, categories for photos will hopefully be coming soon and more and more users are using albums. I'll continue to send occasional messages with suggestions and will include a tip to only post your best photos ...
Chief could the pics be put in different places as in fire trucks , people , fires , ect. that way if you want to look at trucks you pull up trucks ?
how do you use the albums, and can we still move pics around even if we've got them loaded on here already. Thanks:)
Well, if WC thinks there is enough server space to handle all of the photos then why not?

I DO think that discretion needs to be observed by those posting pictures to this or any web site. There recently have been some pics posted of deceased persons on a few member's pages, and I think this shows really poor judgment on their part.
oh no, thats not good, we do have younger members under 18 on here and they dont need to grow up any faster then their going to already, the internet is a endlees place for that, but I feel we should not add to the problem, I'm sure WC has something in plan, at least I know of a truck forum I'm on when you upload your pics they dont show up tell a mod has a chance to make sure there clean:)
Well the 18 and younger crowd can go to other web sites and see all the blood and gore they want; that's not the issue.

The member photos should be (IMHO) those snapshots that show a member's department, family, whatever and not some crap downloaded from other internet sources. Just enough to develop a good understanding of a member's department and environment.

So yeah maybe there ought to be a limit after all.
I've seen these pics on some members pages and was kind of appalled that someone would post that. You never know who will log on here that could know that victim, let alone that it's a possible HIPAA issue! Just my 2 cents on the issue. Stay safe!

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