So i just got pump operator certified and today was my first day of driver training so i was nervous so i took it very easy and did the speed limit no jerky turns or anything when halfway down the highway i hear on the radio..... Fire truck headed East on Hwy 64 numerous 911 calls that you have lost some hose. Apparently the hose was either packed wrong or the end just fell off the back but all 700 ft of 5 inch went flying so now im on the side of a highway repacking hose thats just embarassing. Then we have to go service test it since it fell off and 300 ft of it has holes and blisters all in it. Even though this wasnt all my fault it still rest on my shoulders when it comes to the making fun of what happened ill never live this down lol

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I feel your pian kinda, we had that same problem before, but ours was do to the wind lifting the hose up and then pulling it off the truck, but we solved that problem by getting a black cover for all our pumpers:)
I've never had this happen to me, but a few years ago, returning from a minor house fire, we came upon an engine from an ajoining town that had rendered mutual aid to us. They had led out about 500 feet of LDH on the roadway headed back to their town. We stopped and helped them rebed the hose (with huge smiles on our faces!).

Oh by the way, you will eventually live this down. It just might take a few years! Stay safe!
My fire company went to New York for a 150 year celebration of a mutal company. While going up on the LIE we had our 5" hose and hydrant shut off vavle come off during the morning rush hour. We stopped and loaded the hose in the lane of the LIE.

I am sorry that happened to you. It has not happened to us, but I have heard of another company near us having a bad day like that.

Were you by yourself during the incident or did you have an officer riding with you?

FF Schoen
God Bless and Never Forget
i can sipathize with you. it has happen 2 times to our dept. one of the captains laid 300 feet of 5" off our laddertruck going down the highway.

the second time happened to me, we were responding to a vehicle fire and as we went up hill all 900' of 5" hose came out in one big lump. we get to the vehicle fire and thank goodness it was out and we did not need the supply hose.
another brother from my local that was recently promoted to Eng. lost 1000 ft 4" LDH on the way to a call! damn b shifters!
Well dont beat yourself up about it buddy, there was absolutely nothing you could have done about it. btw, did your truck have a hose bed cover? j/w, haha
Just think you got it done and over right from the beginning .. A few weeks of eating crow and it will be over... Then on to someone else...We have all done something and we have gotten picked on..That is part of being in a family. Your fellow fireman are your 2and family.. Keep you eyes open you will catch someone doing something ... It will be your turn to give it... It's all fun no harm happened.. So laugh and move on.. No big deal
i had an officier with me plus we paged out for manpower and 2 showed up
Yeah ill just take it in stride lol and we are now buying some spiderweb to go on the back of the truck
It can happen to anybody, anywhere, regardless of how long they have been driving or how good they were driving. It will be remember till somebody else has something like this happen to them and your "accident" will soon be forgotten.
it could of been worse you could of hit a car or jogger on the road. plus it could of been tornado weather or 2 foot of snow.

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