Ok...so I go to court next week for a custody hearing. I have been divorced for 7 years but for the first time we are actually going to court and both want full custody. I am very concerned about what the judge will think of my schedule and 24 hour shifts. Any suggestions? Anyone else succeed at their custody case? Any comments would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

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That is awesome!! Am so glad you have some support! It makes all the difference in the world! Also glad to hear that you will be able to continue doing what you love. Keep your chin up! We're all pullin for ya!
Okay, I realize things are different state to state. I have two FF buddies going thru the same thing as ya'll. We have heard rumor that there is a "FF visitation schedule" (or something similar to that title) that some courts are using for us in these types of cases. Has anyone else heard of such a thing? I read all of your threads and did not see anyone mention anything like it.

Any help would be great-these two guys really are the best and that always seems to be the ones that get caught in the grinder.

Thanks, Hawk
How'd it go?

I have to go back on the 16th for her appeal. Not looking forward to putting the kids through that again let alone me! I can't see a judge taking anything too lightly or being ready to overturn the ruling of another well known and respected judge...although I'm sure there have been cases where this happens. Just hope it's not the case with mine.

Let us know what happened with yours.

Gee...I guess I was wrong! The judge heard the 1st half of the appeal on 16 July and the second hafl yesterday. He gave me custody of my som and gave her custody of my 2 daughters!

I'm sunk. I can't afford to continue fighting! I could have this appealed to a 3 judge panel at the state capital...the bad news is it were overruled by the higher court, it goes back to the same Judge! Does that seem odd to anyone? Seems counterproductive to me. Either way, this lengthy battle has financially devastated me! As much as I despise the idea, I have to let it go!
I'm sorry it didn't turn out the way you were hoping.
Thanks for the condolences. I posted a blog on my page.
Keeping all of you in our prayers.....

Blessings and Be Safe,

Good Luck with it but in all honesty as long as you provide adequate baby sitting or supervision and can show that if your needed at home you can be there it should not be an issue it actually can be or become discrimination against you.

I am about to start my custody "battle" for my son. I have read most of the discussions, but, I am wondering if anybody can share your case/number/judge so I can use this information in my hearing.
We have decided to share custody of our son 50/50 and its has been working fine since we separated. But now, she wants to take care of him the days that I work, 24 hr shift. She doesnt like the fact that my mother takes care of him when I am at work. But, she helps me and is very instrumental in teaching him another language.

If you are/was in the same "boat" as I am, please let me know your case information. Sorry to get personal.

Thank you very much,

Pointing out other cases my only piss the judge off, and each state is somewhat different. If the kid/s in question are 12 or above, their choice may have the most weight. Judges like stable homes, non-smokers and in 85% of the cases won't take them away from a good mother. In a contested custody battle, the only winner is the lawyers, best advice is to try to work it out.
Ok here is the arrangement I have with my soon-to-be-ex,for our son.She has full custody of him,and i have equal access to him everyday between 2:30pm & 12:30 am(when she works),except her days off,or when arranged with me,with the possibility of overnights(due to weather issues mostly) but must communicate any heath care,behavioral,travel,etc. issues.i know I'm being basically his babysitter while she's at work but we get to spend time with each other.And it can always be modified to my work schedule once i find a new job.As for being a firefighter/EMT/Medic goes,it works in your favor,since if there is an emergency for the children you know exactly what to do(more than ur ex if they're a civilian).I know the stress,pain an worries,I'm embroiled in my own battles too,3 kids,3 moms.An I know what it's like not to see them for a very long time.

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