Just wanted to get some honest feed back about how men feel about having women serve as FF. Please be very honest! The reason for this is:
1. I have witnessed society feels women can't do this job- we are to fragile , etc.
2. People think women that work around a bunch of men must be easy or having relations with at least one of the them
3. Sexual harrassment issues arise more often
4. Some men have trouble taking orders from a woman (or vice versa)
These are just a few of the things I have seen or heard about.. Please share y you feel this way

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It's hott!!! Bring the women on...honestly both my sister-in-laws are firefighters. And I think they are two of the best firefighters I know. Not as good as me, but great firefighters and I am so proud of them.
Well played Jeremy, well played! You know, they might kill us if they ever read this. Well, the hott part and you saying that they aren't quite as good as you anyway. They are damn good firefighters though, damn good.
I think you are all trying to confuse me. Guess what? It worked!!
I think we should let this discussion die...don't ya think?
I have no problem with female firefighters. We have 4 female firefighters on my FD. Three of them are daughters of firefighters on my FD and grew up in the firehouse culture. They passed the exam,the CPAT, the physical and the psych exams just like any other candidate.

The one on on my group is #1 on the Lieutenants list. She has done a few shifts as the Acting LT in her station, has her act together and will make a great company officer.
Some men have trouble taking orders from women. That's true. Not just is FDs

Some are better @ rehab & dispatch. Yeah, & they aren't all female. Most people do have a place in particularly a VFD where they can do a really good job. Sometimes finding that place is not easy. Assigning the right task to each person is the mark of a good leader. Good leaders are what we need more of.
Still beating this horse to death, the horse was dead a long time ago as for this topic''
I think its good to bring it up for all the newbies on FFN:)
I understand completely what alot of people's problems are with it. A few bad ones tried to ruin it for a lot of good ones. It's that simple. Everyone knows of the woman's rights act? Well, when you give people that power... that ambition, it makes some jealous. It's those woman, going into the job with the wrong reasons, that feel that they deserve to be given something... not having earned it. And don't get me wrong... there are just some men that are threatened by a woman possibly doing the job better, that are going to be jerks... but for the most part I feel it's those woman that feel they should be treated different and given an unfair advantage that is the biggest problem. A perfect example of the right woman for the job, is "Reggie" two posts up. She wants the job... she didn't go crying to someone else about the crap. She seized the opportunity to get even and took what was hers. Plain and simple... she reacted the same way as the other firefighters in the house would have... and she is now respected for it. Respect is earned, not given, male or female it doesn't matter when it comes down to whether or not you can do the job. Unfortunately, we don't have enough "Reggie's" out there. Being a firefighter is a rough, dirty job... if you're a "cheerleader"... just stay on the bench. It's safer for everyone.
we have 3 women firefighters in our brigade 1 experienced 1 just qualified and 1 recruit
the experienced one i would follow into a fire any day very calm and collected women and knows what she is doing and more than capable of doing the job the other two wait and see and i bet thats just what the experienced ffs said about me when i joined
I think that if they are up to the challenge there is no reason that a woman should not be able to be in the fire service. I know of many women that are firefighters. My sister and my mother are both members of a department. My sister is becoming a great firefighter, and I would always trust her on an attack line with me. She may be small in stature but she is tuff as nails. Why does it matter anyways? We are all in this feild of work to make a difference in our community and save lives. That is all that matters. Why discriminate against someone who is just trying to do that. That is my opinion, take it or leave it.
My Opinion is if the Women can do the job. Then by all means she should be there. BUT! if the women Can't do the job that she is required to do...Then she needs to leave.

From my experince working with guys you're going have some sort of Harrassment,... Heck they even harrasse each other.

The times I've worked with all guys. I got harrassed! But I didn't even think about it!. Only when it went further than words. Then I said something about it!.

As for dating or having a relationship with any of the guys. That's totally up to you! But My motto was not to date anyone I worked wtih. Why? Well because if you worked the same shift, and you had a fight at home. Then one tends to bring it with them to work. This doesn't work well in the department.

Yes some Men have problems taking orders from a Women, But some Women have problems taking orders from another women too. You just need to have the repect of your fellow fire personnel. in order for it to work.

If there is no RESPECT then you will have a hard time doing anything in the department.

Please note this is only my Opinion.

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