My F.D. had it's Centennial back in 1997. Since then I've been to several Centennial celebrations for surrounding F.D's. I was surprised to find out that some area F.D's are only 50 years old or so, some are even younger! Just curious how old everyone else's F.D's are. I'm sure there's some Departments on the east coast that are getting close to their Bi-centennial.

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hey Brian, we just turned 53 and I know of a local department that just turned 30 thats the youngest I've heard around here, but being up North in no mans land, a lot of use are around 50 or so, unless its the cities, because they handled like a whole county back in the day but most of it was all field.
Yeah I hear you on that. Some of the young F.D's around here were off-shoots of bigger Fire Departments that broke off as new towns were formed back in the day.
yep pretty much the same thing as up hear, just took a lot longer for people to move up north to do that......LOL:)
Our dept. was formed in the mid 60s. But before that it was a big coal mining town and that was all so the coal companies had their own small fire depts.
my department Little River Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1964 so we are just 44 years old. people are still lighting them and were still fighting them.
ours was established in 1954 started with a 1954 chevy truck
My department in 2001 celebrated the 75th Anniversary since the department was organized. So we are now 82 years old... nothing compared to the fire departments back east... which is a loss because it would be cool to work out of an old station that actually had horse drawn apparatus and fire poles...

Mike from Santa Barbara
"People are still lighting them and were still fighting them."

A.J.- That would make a great company slogan! Stay safe!
ours is 62
Yeah that would be cool. I toured an old Chicago firehouse that had a hay loft. I want to say it was Engine 8 in Chinatown, but I can't remember for sure.
My department went under contract with Sumter City Fire Department in 1956. That would make my department 52 years old.
We are 56 years next month.

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